I'm f*cking back. Let's finish this. 

Happy New Year minna-san! Hope everything is well in the Year of the Tiger.

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Hi everyone. I know it's been a very long time since I've posted an update, even when I said that I would be posting more. I've been struggling with a severe case of eczema for the past few weeks, with inflammation on my feet and both my hands. The treatment I received from clinics so far had been ineffective. Am seeing a dermatologist now, got prescribed a hell lot of medications, I hope it all goes well, and I hope that I can finally return to finish Reign of the Hunters. Thank you all for your patience and understanding.  

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Hey guys, 

Jimmi is suffering from a severe case of food poisoning and will be unable to release a chapter today. Hopefully he will be back soon. Please wish him well and thank you for your patience!

Do check out our other novels on the site if you want something to read! Ex. MY LATEST GRACE TIME POST. How would you spend a million dollars? Feel free to comment. I would love to know your thoughts!



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Alright, hello everyone, it is I, Jimminx, or some of you might know me as the guy translating Reign of the Hunters. 

I've finally finished my studies as of this month, so I am giving myself a challenge, to see how far I can push myself. I will release a chapter a day starting 1st of March for the duration of the whole month. Wish me luck. And well... Have fun with the daily releases! XD 

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Let us continue with Chapter 3 of Love Code at the End of the World! 


Luo Bing has come to accept the grim reality of the new world around her. And two facts were made very clear: 


1. Women are valuable, and can be sold at high prices. BUT this does not mean that her captors will not harm their merchandise before selling them off, as witnessed by the MC. 


2. Men are worth next to nothing, but they are a reliable food source. 


As the cries of a female captive rang out in the cell, Luo Bing did not panic. She calmed herself down. After all, her dad was a special forces soldier, and she had received a lot of training from her old man. And one of her many training scenarios? How to escape if she was kidnapped! 


She must escape! And with the help of Lei She and Ah Xiang, escape might not be impossible. 


How will MC escape? And what lies ahead for her in this grimdark world? Well… I guess we’ll find out by reading the novel, and of course, the next chapter! I, for one, am already making good progress with the raws....

by Jimminx

Our journey with the MC continues in Love Code at the End of the World! 


If you’ve been with me in Chapter 1, you’ll know by now that MC found herself in a new world, and in captivity. 


Indeed, as MC looked around her surroundings, she saw armed men with strange guns, as well as people trapped in cages. MC herself was placed in a cage along with two others. A man who was dressed like a warrior, and a handsome man in a silky white frock. 


There, MC witnessed the horrors of the new world around her! The women, according to her captives, were to be sold in the Black Market. While she was still not yet recognised as a woman due to her clothing, the MC who was mistaken as a man was not safe as well. Because,  the men…. THEY ARE TO BE EATEN! 


Trapped in a cage surrounded by strange men and strange guns, this is when our MC is introduced to the names of her comrades. They are Ah Xing and He Lei. Readers would also finally learn of MC’s name: Luo Bing.


This chapter really lives up to the name “end of the world”. The author...

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Hiya minna-san! It’s now time for us to review the first chapter of LECW! I've read up to Chapter 70 since I posted the announcement last night, and I really like what I see! The setting of the story and where the plot is leading us... I LIKE! I really hope you all can give LECW a chance! It'll be great, I promise! (Source: I decided that Reign of the Hunters is a great novel, and it turned out to be one of the best! See? Credible as fuck!) 


So… Let us begin with... Chapter 1!!! 


The author wasted no time in introducing us to the MC of the story, a high school girl with loving parents who have high hopes for her. Her father, a former special forces soldier, wanted her to join the military while her mother wanted to see her becoming a renowned actress.


The family was praying at a shrine on Mt.Putuo for good luck in MCs exam, and just when the parents began yet another round of argument about the future of their daughter… The unexpected happened! An orb of light appeared out of nowhere, and MC found herself floating...

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Hiya minna-san! We’ve recently had 2 new novels on Volare, and I’m sure that like me, you’ve seen the announcement post! 


I’ve breezed through the first 15 chapters of Love Code, and find myself liking it very much! It’s a very good novel, but I’ve noticed that it’s not receiving the love that it should have! I sincerely think that you guys should give the novel and its many chapters already released a chance! 


So this is what I’m going to do. I really want to share the wonderful time I had reading through the novel, so I’ll be writing a review of the first 10 chapters of LCEW starting tomorrow, chapter by chapter each day! Let us read through the chapters of this novel together! And when we’re done, I hope that you guys will fall in love with this novel, just like I did! 

Jimmi's Reviews: 

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