We did it guys! Happy 1000 chapters of PGC!

Hey all, Ruyi here! 

I'm crying because my browser crashed and destroyed the first version of this thing so I have to type it all over again...anyways, happy chapterversary!

The first five chapters of PGC went live at Novelupdates on November 19, 2016. It's been 2 years, 11 months, and 27 days (or just plain 1091 days) since we've hit 1000 chapters, whew! During its run on its raws site, Xiang5, PGC was consistently ranked #1 in popularity amongst its novels. Even now, its sequel is clinging fast to the #2 spot. With a word count of around 4 million, it is really hecking long. However, if we add in the 25 bonus Christmas releases to the rest of the year, we should have only 300 chapters left by the time New Year's rolls around, meaning the series should be fully translated around late October 2020. That's cause for celebration too!

PGC can be considered my second translation project. The first one I picked up, the flowery-language and tragicomedy Falling Dreams of Fang ...

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Thanks a lot for the words of support from all you readers! I'm dusting off my flakey self today and embarking on a mass translating mission to play catch-up with you all. So far for November I owe readers 6 chapters + 1 sponsored chapter, for October, about 9 unaccounted for chapters

...making a grand total of 16 missing PGC! 

Let's make 'em up pronto in the coming couple of weeks, alright? Double releases ahoy ahead! In response, teasers will be a little shorter while I'm still playing catch-up.

Thanks and stay tuned! Your words mean a lot, so I appreciate all those who've left messages! <3

by Ruyi

I am rushing to complete a fic for a writing event I signed up for, so see you guys then!

P.S. If there are any Touken Ranbu (刀剣乱舞) fans in the readers then we need to talk, pronto~

I love swordboys so much~

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Hi guys! Long story short, I need to work on a presentation for work I'm doing tomorrow morning and just finished a Canadian Thanksgiving dinner with friends (turkey coma anyone) so I'll post PGC chapters tomorrow! Peace out~

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Hey guys! Hope you enjoy the extra chapters today! In other news, the special poll I put up for c950's release has come to an end and here are the results:

Out of the 163 respondents, an overwhelming 70.6% of you voted for another PGC quiz for even MOAR bonus chapters as your Christmas gift! Coming in at a distant second place with 40.5% were readers who just told me to do what I want (aww, thanks)! 

We also had a few unique individual responses, such as:

  • Countdown to every snu snu chapter
  • Transcribe [sic] more novels like PGC
  • Roleplaying with readers
  • Just don't overwork with all the gifts!
  • Can we have everything? I can't choose!

Nice suggestions (except the last one, which is great but also means I'll die hahahaha)! Let's answer them one by one:

- I actually don't know about snu snu countdowns because I haven't been reading ahead these days, so we'll need to rely on MTL-ing readers to tell us the scoop, hehe.

- I like to vary the style and content of my translation projects so I don't get bored doing the same thing over...

by Ruyi

As I mentioned in the chapter announcement, the 12-chapters bonus release will coincide with c950 of PGC! You know what that means...

No, I think we're expecting more drama than bed action in the coming chapters, sect members.

But hey! What should we do about later bonuses, especially when things like the Christmas holidays roll around? Of course, having bonus releases are a given, but I think it'd be fun to celebrate in other ways too! So again, here's a poll for you guys to give me some feedback! I've also added an option for you to throw out ideas as wild as you'd like. ^_~

Due to agreements with the raw publishers, we can't get too wild with PGC fanworks, buuuuut we can try other ways to work things out!

NOTE: This  poll will run for a week (so until chapter 950 releases), as many of its suggestions will need ample time for preparation! <3

Edit: Poll has since been fixed and now has the SUBMIT button!


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Okay guys! I have some time now, so let's get cracking. Long story short, you guys earned 12 out of fifteen possible bonus chapters! Where did everyone go wrong? Read on to find out (and keep reading to the bottom if you're curious about the survey answers too!)


WARNING: Graphics-Heavy Looooong Post Ahead!

What was the original surname for members of the Shadow Clan, protectors of West Qin's imperial family?

  1. Gù(顾)- 40.1% (close call!)
  2. Gū (泒)
  3. (孤)- 48.4% CORRECT
  4. Gǔ(古)

Although Gu Beiyue goes by “” now, the original surname of the Shadow Clan was “,” which means “lonely, alone.” It looks similar to choice #2, “,” so good job if you spotted the differences! This question was a neck to neck race until the majority pulled out a victory at the very end!

Which of the following locations is in the northernmost region of Cloud Realm Continent?

  1. Pill Fiend Valley
  2. Fishery Island
  3. Plum Blossom Sea
  4. Wintercrow Country - 81.3% CORRECT 

Located north of the snowy...

by Ruyi

We had 194 responses to our quiz this week, and I'm looking forward to publicizing the results! It's going to take me some time to finish that between translating, going to a concert with hubby, and generally celebrating Mid-Autumn over the weekend! Generally speaking, readers got a B average on the test.

Stay tuned for more updates later! Heehee~

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Hey guys! Let me take some time to announce a fun mini-event: the PGC Moon Festival Mini Quiz! 

As you know, the 2019 Mid-Autumn Moon Festival will be falling on September 13, 2019 this year, or the 15th day of the 8th lunar month in the Chinese calendar. To celebrate, I'll be giving out a special PGC mini-quiz for bonus chapters! The quiz works like this: 

  1. 15 multiple choice questions for readers to answer until 23:59 EST on September 13, 2019
  2. Each answer will be judged against the percentage of right vs. wrong responses
  3. If an answer gets 50% or more CORRECT responses from readers, it means a bonus PGC chapter release!
  4. If an answer gets 50% or more WRONG responses from readers, no bonus chapter for that question!

In short, readers can earn up to 15 bonus PGC chapters if the majority aces the quiz! There will also be other fun reader/meta related questions and surveys after the test that doesn't count for bonus releases. Please feel free to give me feedback so we can have more fun with PGC. 

(Pro Tip: this GDocs Tables...

by Ruyi

The story goes like this: I wake up to a beautiful Sunday and decide to clean the house, cook, dress up, be a cute wife, etc etc. 

The reality goes like this: I dreamt up an entire lifetime complete with superpowers, spent 30 minutes trying to tie a perfect bow on my collar, I can't find lamb in any of the three supermarkets I try, vacuuming takes a while, and hubby comes home late for dinner!

The bubble tea I had on the way was great though. The driving around, not so much! Anyways, long story short, let's PGC tomorrow guys! I'll leave a live translation link in the Discord channel so the curious can follow along. :3



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Hey guys, pardon the PGC delays while I take a three day break with my family! I haven’t seen some of my uncles and aunts for 20 years so it’s kinda a big deal! 

See you all with updates later!


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Sorry about no new PGC chapters yet, I've got extra work on my plate this week. Will keep track and make up for them as I get to it, including sponsored chapters! 

All the best,


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✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  REMEMBER TO UPDATE YOUR BOOKMARKS!  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Quick Links: 

  1. sithkazar's ever-expanding PGC relationship diagram (go here if you forget who's who)
  2. Ruyi's GoogleDocs tables of random facts and notes!

If there are strange things such as chapters leading to nowhere or broken links, please tell the volare staff promptly on our Discord in the #bad-ads-and-bugs channel. For errors related to PGC, leave me a note on the Poison Genius Consort channel at #pgc-poison-genius-consort. Thank you for your patience during our moveover madness! I am aware that many chapters are missing chapter titles. They need to be fixed by hand, so I am working on that slowly.

Known PGC issues:

  • Missing chapter titles - working on slowly, finished up to c570
  • Footnotes are not at the end of the chapters (since c184) - no solution yet, might have to leave it as is :(
  • Dark mode text is black for C754 Fixed!
  • Order of chapters skip around (please list known chapters with issues!) Fixed!
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Hey guys, speaking up for Ruyi here. She won't be able to post today's chapter until later because she's in trouble thanks to yesterday's April Fool's visual novel announcement. (If you haven't realized it was just a joke, you know now.)

They're calling it "VNGate" like Watergate, it's pretty bad...

Someone's already got the files for chapter 754 so it's just a matter of time. Here's a screenshot of the news on the front cover of TIME before it was taken off...but yeah, hopefully she gets out soon.

You can read details about what happened in the TIME article.


by MrPriest

Hi guys! Apologies for the wait, yesterday was super busy. Here's chapter 753 for you all!

In the meantime, big news has hit PGC fans: it's getting a visual novel release called Pampered Genius Consort! You can read all about the adaptation in this post. Also check out the game's official twitter if you wanna read about more news! <3

by Ruyi

2019's gearing up to be an exciting new year as we witness the launch of PGC's visual novel adaptation, Pampered Genius Consort! (Chinese: 天才小宠妃, or Tian Cai Xiao Chong Fei.) Players take on the role of Han Yunxi, the Duke of Qin's official (and most favored) consort as they navigate the hidden traps of Long Feiye's estate and Tianning Country! Like PGC's drama adaptation, Pampered Genius Consort will have a derivative plot, but one heavily inspired by Han Yunxi's transmigration roots with tie-ins to the modern timeline. Canonically, the story is set after Chapter 221 in PGC, when an unexpected series of events whisks our heroine into an alternate universe... 

Important: Please read this post for the latest updates.

Be sure to visit the official twitter: @pgc_VN

[STORY] Han Yunxi is a transmigrator from the present thrown into a dangerous past. As the young consort of Tianning's Duke of Qin, she must contend with rivals both within the estate and about at court. Add that to a series of sinister poisonings in the...
by Ruyi

*sneaks in to post chapter 751*

*sneaks out to translate bonus chapters*

Good news, folks! We've reached 577 votes on PGC on Novelupdates (and wow, it was enough to bump up our rating by 0.1!)

So as promised, I'll deliver those 5 extra chapters + 1 extra for speed, making a total of 6 bonus gift chapters! But it'll have to wait 'til the end of this week since 1) we're moving to volare's new site in early April and 2) I still gotta type them up first.

Nice job, everyone! And enjoy today's release. I still owe you guys another chapter for the week which I'll sneak in as a double release one of these days! >o>

by Ruyi

First things first, here's chapter 750. (I'll pop in 751 later today~) Anyways guys, it looks like we'll be able to finish this story arc before volare moves to its new site! With that in mind, I figured I'd give you guys something to do in the meantime.

If you've visited Novelupdates, you'll know that PGC has its own series page here. We've recently reached 500 votes on its nifty reader ratings chart:

So how about this? Let's all aim for 555 votes and I'll release 5 bonus chapters of PGC to celebrate, because I like numbers. = u =

How d'ya vote? Easy. Sign up for an account on Novelupdates if you haven't already (I swear it takes like 5 seconds) and then scroll down on the PGC page until you get the part that asks you to rate the novel on a scale of 1 - 5 stars. You can put whatever rating you want, as long as it's honest! You can write a review too--but only if you wanna. ;)

After that, you can use your NU account to bookmark your favorite novels, keep track of when they update, or even recommend similar series...

by Ruyi

Approaching the conclusion of our unexpected match is a cliffhanger that really gets the blood flowing! All the nitty gritty details, here in chapter 749.

by Ruyi

Yay for today's chapter 748, sponsored generously with donations from: Aileen Y., Pei Fun L., Tuyen N., Christiine G.L., Rana W., Joanne L., and Alamanda H! Please give them a round of applause.

....and we've even got a little extra left over from repeat donations for our next sponsored chapter cycle! <3

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Our match between friend and foe officially begins...and ends? Long, dragged out action and author repetitiveness ahead, chapter 747 gets the job done by getting the match done.

Stay tuned later in the day for a sponsored chapter release!

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