We did it guys! Happy 1000 chapters of PGC!

Hey all, Ruyi here! 

I'm crying because my browser crashed and destroyed the first version of this thing so I have to type it all over again...anyways, happy chapterversary!

The first five chapters of PGC went live at Novelupdates on November 19, 2016. It's been 2 years, 11 months, and 27 days (or just plain 1091 days) since we've hit 1000 chapters, whew! During its run on its raws site, Xiang5, PGC was consistently ranked #1 in popularity amongst its novels. Even now, its sequel is clinging fast to the #2 spot. With a word count of around 4 million, it is really hecking long. However, if we add in the 25 bonus Christmas releases to the rest of the year, we should have only 300 chapters left by the time New Year's rolls around, meaning the series should be fully translated around late October 2020. That's cause for celebration too!

PGC can be considered my second translation project. The first one I picked up, the flowery-language and tragicomedy Falling Dreams of Fang ...

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Yes! Four chapters left people! But it is 1:45AM and I am working on some deadlines for my job (nooooo) so those are slightly delayed. Not sure if I can release all 4 by 11/19 my time, but there's 100% chance we're finishing the series within November so enjoy that.

Stay tuned!


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Hi guys! Just a note that yes, I'm aware we only have 24 chapters of PGC left. This month I'll be wrapping up stuff at work before heading with hubby for a vacation overseas after 2~3 years at home. As you can imagine I'm sort of bouncing all over the place finishing up loose ends, so expect updates to be sporadic in the meantime. Looking at what I have left it seems doable to end PGC by end of August so stay tuned for that.

And of course, if there are any more news about the PGC drama adaptation (which starts castIng calls this month) I'll post that too. If I find any videos I can upload them to my YouTube channel with subs under Ruyi Lala

Cheers and Happy Summer!

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Hello readers! I've been trawling the Internet for news of 惹不起的韩芸汐 re bu qi de han yunxi, PGC's second drama adpatation in four years. As casting calls begin July, there hasn't been any news yet, but rumors abound aplenty.

First is this article which claims that the production crew has already reached out to three potential actresses for the lead role of Han Yunxi:

1) Dilireba Dilmurat (The Blue Whisper, You Are My Glory)

2) Peng Xiaoran (Goodbye My Princess, Jun Jiu Ling)

3) Crystal Liu Yifei (A Dream of Splendor, Return of the Condor Heroes)

It would be pretty incredible if any of this was true and if any of the actresses accepted, as this would give the drama the potential to be a S-rank production with lots of budget and promotions. Well, fingers crossed for now. Rumors in c-net change at the drop of a hat, so I'm not placing any bets until we get photos and official announcements. But hey, if you had to pick from these three, which one would be your ideal Han Yunxi?

by Ruyi

EDIT: Ch 1297 is now up!

I found a story and binged and now I cry too much to translate, but expect the chapter up later today! It's a really good one too, I promise. >:D

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Big news for PGC fans! Remember back in 2018 when we got the drama adaptation Legend of Yunxi for Poison Genius Consort?

Now a second adaptation is in the works! This latest tweet from @dramapotatoe states that #惹不起的韩芸汐 re bu qi de hanyunxi (literally translated as Han Yunxi, the One You Can't Afford to Offend, or Untouchable Han Yunxi) has begun casting calls and will start filming as early as July 2022. 

What does this mean for us? Well for one thing, I'll be watching the hashtag like a hawk and likely translating any clips or news about the drama on my YouTube channel. You'll also get news about the cast and whatnot here on volare too, because it's novel related after all~

But on the translation front, this has motivated me enough to kick my butt into gear and resume daily releases for PGC in May! I can't promise two chapters a day, but you'll get your daily release as we count down the weeks to well, more drama news. So look forward to it!

Separate promo art pics:


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So this was a long time coming, but today I went and fixed the broken links on the PGC Bonus Page to redirect to the actual posts instead of a 404 page. The original pages still need work since moving over to the new site wrecked some old formatting and code we used on Wordpress...but still, they should be readable! 

Some of my favorites include:


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2022 is here and I thought it was high time for some nostalgia. Today I'm giving you all a bunch of PGC jokes from an old PGC messageboard on Baidu. They were all made up by Chinese fans of the story! The posts have since been deleted (you can check the original link here: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4893204804?pn=1), but I was fortunate to copy and paste them onto a GDocs before they were lost to the Internet. I've been saving them until now because there's a bunch of story spoilers, but they're safe to read for anyone who's completed the main story.

So without further ado...let's get to the mushy jokes! <3

Long Feiye x Han Yunxi Jokes

LFY: Yunxi, hitting your head with a watermelon and a tangerine, what would hurt most?
HYX: Of course my head would hurt the most!
LFY: Fool, it’s my heart that would hurt the most. 

HYX: Long Feiye, I think you’re great, truly great.
LFY: It’s just as you say.
HYX: ...cough, cough, Long Feiye, a person should be humble and modest.
LFY: You lordship only knows that a person should be hone...

by Ruyi

August and July are not the months for writing apparently. Here's a note to say I'm still around and down to translating a paragraph a day due to massive lack of interest in PGC. Still going to finish it though, just not at the rates I used to do! Take care and I aim to get 1271 out by the end of the week. :0

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hey guys, i'll be doing family things for lantern festival this week so let's catch up on the weekend with releases!

happy holidays! remember that the raffle prize for a free steam key of My Vow to My Liege is still undergoing until the end of the month! ;)

- ruyi

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For some of you, it's already here. For others, it's coming up after midnight today. Whatever the case, it's time for a special event: Ruyi's Reader Review Raffle! From now until the end of February, readers who leave reviews on any of my qualifying translation projects will have the chance to enter a raffle! The prize? A free Steam key to an otome visual novel set in ancient China: My Vow to My Liege!

You can scroll to the end for raffle instructions, or read out to find out what you're getting yourself into first. ;)


My Vow to My Liege is set in the Spring and Autumn period of Chinese history (apprx 771~476BCE) and features historical characters such as Gou Jian, Fu Chai, and Xi Shi. What's the twist?

In this game you play as the younger sister to Fu Chai who's forced to disguise herself as her dead brother and rule over the kingdom while fighting against a terrible curse. Along the way, protect your people and find true love in a sea of potential allies, enemies, and traitors. If...

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Sup, readers! It's 2021 and we're on the cusp of entering the Year of the Ox (February 12th, 2021), so I thought I'd take this change to look back at the April Fools' pranks I've pulled on you guys in the last three years. ;) Sit back and relax--this is just a chill post from me before your usual PGC chapter release.

2017Series: Poison Genius Consort
Fake chapter teaser + joke series survey

This was my first prank after joining volare novels! 

Since April Fool's fell right on the day I released Chapter 110, I wrote up a fake teaser for Chapter 111 where HYX suffers a less than happy end. To mislead readers even further, I set up a Fake PGC survey where I offered readers to summarize story arcs instead of translating chapters so they could get to the "good parts" sooner. I later posted the results of that survey with reader responses, some of whom were very angry at me for suggesting the skips! 

You can read up on both in the two links above. ;)

2018Series: Falling Dreams of Fang Hua
Prank: Drama adaptation an...

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Happy 2021! Kinda, cause the world is crazy nowadays.

I heard you've all been sending messages to volare telling me to update! Actually, it's more effective to guilt trip me in the Discord server since I don't receive messages sent to the site. Will be working on PGC...slowly because I genuinely have less interest in the story and its characters now. It gets pretty predictable about what's going to happen to who and when in these after stories, although there are a few novel twists here and there.

Oof, here to say I'm alive and glacially chewing through words in the meantime. If you gotta ask for updates, ping me in the PGC channel on Discord! I'll lose face publicly and be spurred to update to silence the yells, serious!

- Ruyi

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Right guys, I haven't had time to say this since I've been MIA, but a warm welcome to all new readers of PGC (by that I mean those on Chapters 1000 or earlier)! 

You know, when you finish translating a series, you expect readers to taper off because the story's doggone finished, but I'm pleasantly surprised to see new comments popping up from the first few chapter arcs even today! I know a lot of readers wait to dive into a series after its main story is done, but I didn't think people would do that with the monolith that is PGC, hahaha.

Of course, my continuous gratitude goes out to the old readers who've been here with me for ages too. ^-^ You're lovely and strong, both for enduring plot cliffhangers and translator disappearances in real time. You are the senpais and seniors of the PGC readerbase, a vast and lively bunch of commenters with wit, talent, and grace. (Mannnnn, I wish we had access to the old Disqus comments 'cause things were wild there!) 

No matter how frustrated I get with the characters or myself,...

by Ruyi

I'm still alive! And I'm not very good at making posts, but I am working on things! (Please keep your expectations low ahem). September will not go by without PGC releases, that I'm sure of. I have temporarily put other things into higher priority and been distracting myself with side hobbies, so I've neglected all things Chinese for a while.

I'll be back!! Ahhhhhhh~


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Yeah, hang in there guys! I'm not dead or sick or whatever, just very very distracted. Half of it is work and the other half, cough, mobage.

Good rule of thumb is to poke your head in volare Discord to see if I'm around; failing that, you can always stalk me at my twitter. If I'm retweeting art, chances are I'm still alive and kicking. :)



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That's right folks, I am now fully booked with other matters for the rest of the week. Let's meet in the jianghu another time...

Or you can follow my random rants and RTs on twitter, I don't mind. I'll be there more often for a bit.

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So as I write this I'm sitting in the parking lot of a Dunkin' Donuts using their Wifi because the tropical storm that just swept up like killed my cell signal. Since I don't have internet at home that means my hotspot is effectively dead, urk.

I'll touch base with you guys tomorrow! Most likely it'll be night because we're saying hi to family during the day.



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Hi guys, 

Just came back from work but my internet at home is dead (read: nearly nonexistent) so I'm going to have some issues uploading chapters. I'll try again tomorrow!



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Hello hello! So here we are again, readers.

As of last night, this translator has officially finished releasing ALL the chapters in the main story of Poison Genius Consort! Now is the perfect time to rec PGC to your family and friends, since they can binge through the whole thing in one shot, hehe. Those of you who've been following me already know the news from reading C1206 last night; this is mostly a post so I can tell all the folks still catching up (and just starting!) the novel.

You may now kiss your translator, mwah~

Our next 164 chapters will be focusing on the extra stories and loose ends that the novel hasn't wrapped up yet before setting the stage for PGC's sequel, Emperor's Swallow. A lot of readers have been asking me this so I'll just say it now: I will not be translating PGC's sequel series! 

There are a few reasons for this, but the main one is because the sequel focuses on the next generation of our cast (aka their kids). I'd rather translate a spin-off story about one of our side characters instead,...

by Ruyi