We did it guys! Happy 1000 chapters of PGC!

Hey all, Ruyi here! 

I'm crying because my browser crashed and destroyed the first version of this thing so I have to type it all over again...anyways, happy chapterversary!

The first five chapters of PGC went live at Novelupdates on November 19, 2016. It's been 2 years, 11 months, and 27 days (or just plain 1091 days) since we've hit 1000 chapters, whew! During its run on its raws site, Xiang5, PGC was consistently ranked #1 in popularity amongst its novels. Even now, its sequel is clinging fast to the #2 spot. With a word count of around 4 million, it is really hecking long. However, if we add in the 25 bonus Christmas releases to the rest of the year, we should have only 300 chapters left by the time New Year's rolls around, meaning the series should be fully translated around late October 2020. That's cause for celebration too!

PGC can be considered my second translation project. The first one I picked up, the flowery-language and tragicomedy Falling Dreams of Fang ...

by Ruyi

I'm still alive! And I'm not very good at making posts, but I am working on things! (Please keep your expectations low ahem). September will not go by without PGC releases, that I'm sure of. I have temporarily put other things into higher priority and been distracting myself with side hobbies, so I've neglected all things Chinese for a while.

I'll be back!! Ahhhhhhh~


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Yeah, hang in there guys! I'm not dead or sick or whatever, just very very distracted. Half of it is work and the other half, cough, mobage.

Good rule of thumb is to poke your head in volare Discord to see if I'm around; failing that, you can always stalk me at my twitter. If I'm retweeting art, chances are I'm still alive and kicking. :)



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That's right folks, I am now fully booked with other matters for the rest of the week. Let's meet in the jianghu another time...

Or you can follow my random rants and RTs on twitter, I don't mind. I'll be there more often for a bit.

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So as I write this I'm sitting in the parking lot of a Dunkin' Donuts using their Wifi because the tropical storm that just swept up like killed my cell signal. Since I don't have internet at home that means my hotspot is effectively dead, urk.

I'll touch base with you guys tomorrow! Most likely it'll be night because we're saying hi to family during the day.



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Hi guys, 

Just came back from work but my internet at home is dead (read: nearly nonexistent) so I'm going to have some issues uploading chapters. I'll try again tomorrow!



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Hello hello! So here we are again, readers.

As of last night, this translator has officially finished releasing ALL the chapters in the main story of Poison Genius Consort! Now is the perfect time to rec PGC to your family and friends, since they can binge through the whole thing in one shot, hehe. Those of you who've been following me already know the news from reading C1206 last night; this is mostly a post so I can tell all the folks still catching up (and just starting!) the novel.

You may now kiss your translator, mwah~

Our next 164 chapters will be focusing on the extra stories and loose ends that the novel hasn't wrapped up yet before setting the stage for PGC's sequel, Emperor's Swallow. A lot of readers have been asking me this so I'll just say it now: I will not be translating PGC's sequel series! 

There are a few reasons for this, but the main one is because the sequel focuses on the next generation of our cast (aka their kids). I'd rather translate a spin-off story about one of our side characters instead,...

by Ruyi

Don't stay up waiting for me guys, something came up today so I had to take care of that instead of translating chapters! Tomorrow and the day after I'll release more chapters, so hang tight!

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Just a note that hubby and I moved into our new house two days ago! The floor is a mess of boxes and trash from unpacked goods and every single room in the house is crammed full of STUFF. But it's good to be home.

We'll be dealing with unpacking chaos and so on until sanity rolls back again, but so far things are going smoothly. Take care until next release~!

- Ruyi

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....among other things, so yes, real life and all its distractions is keeping me from translations. We're wrapping up inspections and contract signings and I'm also suddenly responsible for one more Thing at work since one of my co-workers is stuck in a different state due to quarantine restrictions. Suffice to say that I WILL get PGC chapters out before the end of May, if only because I don't want to drag on this series until 2022. (=.=)

Please feel free to direct all comments, concerns, questions, and tomatoes here and spare my poor boss Grace, she can't control the translation speed of PGC like, ahem, the translator can. Peace out and stay safe!


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Hey guys! With the new updates regarding COVID-19 in my state, I’ve been busy with work as my colleagues and I adjust to our new, online only schedules.

Once I get that sorted out (should take another week or so), I can go back to focusing on PGC. Take care and stay safe, everyone!

by Ruyi

Be back shortly and yes there is hope very close by in the PGC tunnel so don’t despair, my readers!

by Ruyi

BEHOLD! The time of the cannon fodder has come!

Coming April 1st, 2020 (EST time) is Ruyi's parody visual novel project, Cannon Fodder's Counterattack Record!

Also known as the Poison Genius Consort Heretical Sword Sect Alternate Universe Visual Novel (PHAV), this demo game will allow players to take on the role of an unimportant cannon fodder in "Ancient Cloud" Continent's Heretical Deviant Sword Sect! Find allies and make friends in your ultimate quest to hunt down Sect Leader Hua (see Chapter 1068 for details), show Ye Feilong and Xi Yunhan their places, and stake your claim on the continent.

How successful will you fare in this story of loss, love, and revenge? Only your choices will tell.

Read the twitter thread here for more plot and character details. Bookmark this announcement post to see the game link go live with tomorrow's PGC chapter release!

When next we meet, it'll be in the jianghu!


LINK TO DOWNLOAD GAME (now live for both PC and Mac versions!)

by Ruyi

Hey guys, with the new governor directive to take effect on Sunday I’ll be busy sorting some details out for life before settling down to translate. Take care and stay tuned until then!

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Hey guys! Just a note that I’m still busy with work and won’t be fully free until March 11th, though I’ll try to release some chapters before then. In the meantime, make sure you guys are around when April comes for a super special PGC surprise. Preview here (it's a downloadable video via Discord)!

Please take note that I only translate PGC as a hobby and have a full time job that requires my attention 6 days a week, 10 hours a day. When push comes to shove, I have to shelve PGC on the back burner if I don't want to get fired by my boss. :) This is also why PGC is not part of the volare sponsor package and only accepts flat PayPal donations for bonus chapters. Realistically, I can't keep up with the schedules of full-time translators and do well at work too, so sacrifices have to be made.

Thank you for your understanding!


by Ruyi

I’m currently staying up finishing up a work project instead of PGC so you know what this means! Gonna do a little MIA until later this week.

Keep healthy and happy reading, everyone. Also, side development on this joke visual novel that seems realer everyday is going well; I got imagemap hotspots to work! Maybe keep an eye out this April Fools for yet another masterpiece, lol.

Link to latest development clip here (via Discord): https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/196270439125876737/681028132316250137/video0.mov

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First things first, here's the list of quiz answers for those of you who missed the previous post. I'm sure this has been on the brains of all readers since Christmas. And now we have an answer! Except the 22 bonus bombshell (which includes our one sponsored chapter) to drop on Lunar New Year, January 25th! 

Yeah, that basically makes me one month late to deliver the goods. Better late than never? >o>

2020's looking to be the Year of the Make-Up Chapters from yours truly! Take care, everyone.

by Ruyi

Happy 2020! *gets pelted with tomatoes and dead fizzlers and sticks* Ouch, ow, and yes, I'm back from the brink of obscurity after fading away to spend time with family. Sorry for the lack of updates! Let's just get this show on the road with some basic summaries:

- Total bonus chapters earned will be 17 + 5 (extra) for a total of 21 chapters in a future PGC mass release!

- Sponsored chapters = 1 in queue

- Owed chapters = a month's worth, more or less

In short we have 21+1=22 immediate bonus chapters waiting for release and 30 more backlog chapters in the wings. I am expected to make headway on that starting this weekend (after sorting out details at work.) Until then, please consult below for the ANSWER KEY to the PGC Christmas Quiz. Readers ended up getting #1, 6, 8, 11, 13, 19, 22, and 23 wrong for the majority votes!

Due to formatting/text transfer issues, please switch to LIGHT MODE (or copy and paste the area below) to see the answers! I cannnot make the text available in DARK MODE without majorly screwing up...

by Ruyi

Hey guys! Just a quick note to say that readers got 17 out of 25 questions right on the bonus chapters quiz today!

I'm off to spend time with my family today, but look forward to future chapters!

by Ruyi

At long last guys, it's here! The 2019 PGC Christmas Bonus Chapters Quiz! Just like last time, readers will be tested with 25 multiple choice questions taken from trivia from the novel! If the majority of readers guess the questions right, then you'll get a bonus chapter. Otherwise, no dice.

As usual, we have two guidelines:

  1. No posting answers in the comments! Hints and clues are okay. 
  2. When in doubt, consult the PGC Tables worksheet for clues!

Best of luck and happy testing! Answer submission will end on December 24th, 2019 at 23:59 EST (that's right before Christmas)!


HO HO HO and a Merry Christmas!

by Ruyi

It starts out bright and full of promise. You find the raws of some novel in your native tongue, gobble it up in the course of a week, and fall in love. "Oh man," you think to yourself, 

"I bet others will love this story as much as I do. I gotta translate it!"

So you do, and they do. All is well. You're coasting on the waves of your reader support and the flush of honeymoon with this new series you've dedicated your heart and soul to. Life is good.

But of course, perfection doesn't last. In the interest of time, you read only about 400+ of that 1370 chapter novel you got invested in. You get a good run--a really good run, judging by that 100+ chapter stockpile you had for the first year or so of translation. Then things get repetitive. You can forgive that, you think. No one can maintain a daily update schedule and keep up the consistent quality with a webnovel. Then characters get annoying. You can live with them, you think. Even as caricatures, they're still humans with flaws. And then. 

You hit that one story...

by Ruyi

EXTRA EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!Miffed translator vows to slay all emotions and "slaughter through PGC raws" for the sake of the readerbase!

Hey peeps, Ruyi here!

Our owed PGC chapters has risen to 10! We have one sponsored chapter waiting in the wings! I'm currently working through my anger issues for Han Yunxi and Long Feiye, because goodness these recent releases have tested my patience. Hang in there though, because all's owed will be released in time. >:0 Consider this an update post while I ready my fingers (and my calm-down-tea, haha).

In other news, the PGC Xmas Bonus Chapters Quiz will be going live next week. Readers can earn up to 25 bonus chapters depending on how many correct answers the majority guesses. There will also be a few default bonus chapters for Xmas regardless of right/wrong answers (though the number will be paltry compared to the quiz, haha).

In case you need a refresher, you can check out the post regarding out last bonus chapter quiz + the eventual answer key for reference. PGC readers...

by Ruyi