To our wonderful CTF readers, 

Unfortunately, we have been unable to get in touch with Rakumon for the past several weeks. Hence, CTF is now on hiatus. If you are a subscriber, please email us for a refund if you would like one. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that Rakumon will get in touch with us soon. 

Note: For those of you who have been following this novel for a while, Rakumon has been with us since the very beginning. In the TOC, you can find recaps, reviews, and etc. Rakumon has clearly put a lot of effort into her work. Hopefully this is just temporary and CTF will be back soon. 

For now, please do check out our other novels on the website and continue to follow us for more updates. Stay safe, everyone!

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Hi everyone!

I think some of you would probably have noticed, but I have to first apologise for the erratic schedule and being inactive for a while now. Unfortunately, as I have been tied up with multiple things, it is with regret that I have to inform you that I will be needing a break for November. :( As such, these are the following changes that will happen in November:

For everyone:

1. Translation frequency will be 2 chapters per week.

For sponsors:

1. Chapter 511 will be posted as soon as possible

2. There will be a new sneak peek perk for sponsors subscribing to the 'Imperial Household Department' tier. There will be no limit to the number of advance chapters you can read as long as they are available on the website.
(For example, if I have stockpiled 5 chapters and posted them on the website, you will be able to read all 5 advance chapters even if the tier originally provides only 3 advance chapters.)

**Please take note that these changes will only take place in November.

Thank you for all your support until now...

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Hey everyone!

Here's the finale we have all been waiting for. As we come to the conclusion of CTF's 385th and 400th chapterversaries, I would like to thank everyone for your support once again. I would also like to give one more big shoutout to the readers who organized the amazing surprise of fanworks for us. We are really grateful to all of you for sticking with us so far, and we hope that we can continue to deliver quality chapters and an enjoyable experience. ^_^

Without further ado, I will be announcing the results of CTF's 400th Chapterversary comment challenge. After taking into account all the unique reader comments under each chapter and doing the calculations according to the equation, we have a result of 2.9. I will be rounding up this figure, and that means that there will be 3 extra chapters for everyone! xD Chapters 401-403 will be released really soon.

At the same time, if you haven't been keeping up with my Twitter and Instagram accounts, (in no particular order) here is the preview to the gallery...

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Heyo everyone! 

Here's the next part of our line-up of events for CTF's 385th and 400th chapterversaries.

For our 400th Chapterversary, we will be having a Comment Challenge! That's right, we'll be having a mini commenting challenge for you to exchange for extra chapters. :)

How does this work?

Just comment under chapters 390-399. The average number of unique reader comments per chapter will be divided by 2 to obtain the resulting number of extra chapters, up to a maximum of 3 chapters.
In other words,

For example, 
An average of 4 reader comments per chapter would mean 2 extra chapters.

Feel free to leave any questions you have in the comments or reach out to me on Discord! Looking forward to your participation! ^_^


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Hello readers! We are officially halfway through Consort of a Thousand Faces!!!

Thank you for your active participation in the poll! Even though I said that I will be explaining 5-10 names, after tallying the votes, I decided to explain the names of 12 characters instead! XD It took some time, but here it is

If you haven't already realized, I released 2 extra chapters (chapters 386 and 387) along with Chapter 385 yesterday. ;) This is to thank all of you for your support thus far, especially a group of readers who came together to plan a surprise for us about a month ago. In no particular order, I would like to give a big shoutout to Jacqueline, Theresa, PitJohann, Astarael, Yan, Mayari, and Vee. We are really touched and grateful for the wonderful fanwork you have done!   

As such, I will also be sending the above readers 2 advance chapters (chapters 389 and 390) to show our appreciation. Please check your Discord in a short while.

Excited to see their fanwork? XD I will be gradually posting them individually/in...

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UPDATE: I made some changes to the form, so for those who have already filled in the form, I would have to trouble you to kindly do it again. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused. Thank you very much for participating!

Heyo everyone! If you have ever been curious about the meaning of CTF characters' names, now's the chance! :)

It's gonna be an exciting period of time with our 385th Chapterversary just around the corner and 400th Chapterversary in about half a month away. You might wonder, why 385th? That's because it marks the halfway milestone of CTF! ^_^

Let's focus on the 385th Chapterversary for now. I have planned a tiny surprise, and instead of having you submit something, I'll be the one doing the work this time. XD 

Some of you have expressed your interest in finding out more about the meaning behind the names of the characters in CTF, so here's a chance for you to vote for your top 5 characters! After tallying the votes, I will be explaining the names of 5-10 characters. 

Do let me know your choices! Feel...

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Hey everyone!

It's been a long time, but I have finally updated the character glossary and the pronunciation guide! 

The character glossary records when a character first appears, while the pronunciation guide shows the names written in Chinese, pinyin, as well as a guide on how to pronounce the characters' names using English.

You can find them under the INDEX section on the contents page. Do check them out if you are looking for some reference! :)


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Hello everyone! XD

In case you may be wondering about CTF's past chapterversaries, I have just updated the 'INDEX' section with recaps of all the past chapterversaries.

Feel free to check them out! :)


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Hello again! :)

I would like to extend my gratitude to the readers who have participated in CTF's 300th chapterversary event. I enjoyed looking through your entries. XD They'll be posted on the various social media platforms soon ;)

Now comes the part you guys have been waiting for ー the prizes!

Even though we didn't quite reach the mark to get extra chapters   I really wanted to thank the participants, so I'll be releasing 1 extra chapter for everyone! 

As for the participants, I know I did say that an English entry would mean 1 advance chapter, and both English and Chinese entries would mean 2 advance chapters, but in order to show my appreciation to you guys, I have decided to increase both tiers by 1 advance chapter!

In other words,

English entry: 2 advance chapters

Chinese + English entries: 3 advance chapters

You should receive the chapters soon, but lemme know if you didn't manage to receive them!

Once again, thank you for participating! ^_^ Till the next event!

Edit: A participant requested me to post all the entries...

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Heyo everyone! :)

Alright, that time has come again! CTF's 300th chapterversary is just around the corner. Thank you for sticking with us and I hope that all of you are still doing well! ><

I understand that it's currently a stressful period, so here's an easy event for you guys to participate! ^_^ The event ends by the time the 300th chapter is released.

How do I participate?

Simply submit a soft copy of CTF's title written in a calligraphic style! (cursive writing would do as well ><) Here's the form for you all to fill in and submit your entries! Please remember to leave your contact and whether you're a sponsor. 

What's in for me? 

There are a few levels to the number of additional chapters you can stand a chance to get.

Tier 1: For every 10 participants we get, 1 extra chapter will be posted, up to a maximum of 3 extra chapters

Tier 2: If you submit an entry with CTF's English title, I will send 1 advance chapter for you to read ahead of everyone else. This is exclusive of the extra chapter/s posted on the websi...

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Hello readers!

For those of you who participated in CTF's 200th Chapterversary event via Twitter, there's a slight problem for most of you as due to your Twitter settings, I am unable to send a DM to you, thus unable to send the chapter link in advance. :( If you have received the link to the chapter, you can ignore this message.

Do try to reach out to me via Discord(#1638) or Twitter(_rakumon_) as soon as possible! :)

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Hey readers!

First of all, I would like to thank all of the readers who participated in the 200th chapterversary event. I am really grateful for your participation and I will be slowly reposting the quotes all of you have picked out. :)

Although we didn't really meet the target for the extra chapters, I have decided to post 2 extra chapters over the next two days. 

As for the participants, for those who posted on Twitter with the hashtag, I will be sending you a link via Twitter's DM to read the 3rd chapter in advance after the 2nd extra chapter has been published. For those who posted on Discord, please remind me again and I will send you the link via Discord's DM. 

Hope all of you will enjoy the chapters! ^_^


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Heyo everyone!

As mentioned quite some time ago, our 200th chapterversary is just around the corner! We will be releasing one extra chapter for every 10 Twitter/Instagram posts that feature quotes from Consort of a Thousand Faces, up until three extra chapters, in other words, 30 posts.

How to participate? 

Simply copy and paste your favorite CTF quote and post it on Twitter or Instagram with #CTFnovel

Of course, it'd be great if you could also make a graphic but that's totally optional!

Hope to see all your posts! ^_^


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Happy New Year everyone! :)

There will be an extra chapter for everyone, and sponsors will be gaining access to the extra chapter about 12 hours in advance.

Enjoy~ and I wish everyone a great year ahead! ^_^


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Hey everyone, Rakumon here! :)

Similar to what I have mentioned in Discord previously, I will be going overseas from 7-8th December, depending on your time zone. I will be back in less than 2 weeks, but as I will be lugging my laptop there, don't worry about updates for Consort of a Thousand Faces! ^_^

(FYI: It's not a vacation this time D:)

In the meantime, please don't forget to submit your quotes for our 200th Chapterversary! You can copy any quote from any chapter and post it. We do plan on releasing extra chapters but we will be unable to do so if we are lacking participation! :(

I'll be posting pictures again on my Twitter, Instagram and probably the CTF Discord Channel too, so keep a lookout hehe XD


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Heyo readers!!

We're back again to commemorate our 200th chapter anniversary as well as to welcome 2 new members to the CTF team. If you have been paying attention to the thoughts at the bottom of the chapters, you would have already spotted their names - Sangria and Cosy! :) I'll be posting another more official welcome when the time comes hehe

Anyways, here are the 200th Chapterversary event details

We will be holding a 'submit your favorite quote' event for CTF. Here's how things will work:

- Pick any quote that you like from any translated CTF chapters

- Post the quote and chapter number on either Twitter or Instagram with #CTFnovel (Feel free to decorate it if you like huehue)

- Please publish a post any time from now until our 200th chapterversary in late December

BONUS: For every 10 submissions we get from different readers, there will be 1 extra chapter released, up to a maximum of 3 extra chapters for 30 submissions!

Once the event is over, I will be posting all the submissions on my Twitter and Instagram accounts...

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Hey guys!

As some of you may have noticed, there have been missing images in the footnotes, and that's because the website doesn't allow images to be posted directly now. If any of you spot missing images, please inform me and I'll try to insert links to them!

Thanks! :)


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Hello readers!

Thanks for participating in the poll to vote for your favorite CTF Discord Tag. With our 100th chapter released, it's also time to announce that 'Thousand Wingmen' will officially be the new novel tag! XD I'll try to give you all the tags based on my memory, but just in case I may miss out someone, feel free to comment in the CTF Discord channel or just react with an emoji hehe.


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Heyo everyone! :)

CTF's 100th chapter anniversary is just around the corner. To celebrate this important occasion and to provide a platform for your voices to be heard, we have finally decided to create a Discord Tag! XD What's more, all of you will have a chance to vote for the tag you like the most! 

The link to the poll is on Twitter, so don't forget to check it out and input your choice! ^_^

P.S. Lunarlark is very excited about using the tag keke 🙈

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Hello everyone, so here's what you have been waiting for! I have posted a recap of the 50th chapterversary Q&A session under the index. Do check it out if you have missed the session. A recording of the live reading by Cookie is also included in the page. Hope the brief recap will be helpful. ><

Once again, thanks to all those who participated in the Q&A session! If you weren't able to make it, you can take this chance to shine in the comments section too hehe ;)

by Rakumon

Hello everyone!

As some of you may know, we held a live Q&A session for our 50th Chapterversary and we are in the midst of compiling some of the questions and answers. Cookie has also kindly recorded his live reading of Chapter 51 so look forward to the link soon. :)

In the meantime, do check out the graphic Yuuko has created! XD We have retweeted it so you can find it in either one of our Twitter profiles found at the side or the bottom of the page.

by Rakumon

Hello everyone! :)

Due to some confusion regarding the time of the previous Q&A session, the Q&A session has now been rescheduled to 10 August, GMT+8 11am, the day after our 50th chapter anniversary. The live Q&A session will be happening on Discord. You can submit questions beforehand via this Google Form link. Your answers will be completely anonymous and you don't need to sign in to access the form. 

Here are some cities and the respective times for easier reference:

Beijing: 10 August, 11am

London: 10 August, 4am 

Los Angeles: 9 August, 8pm

New York: 9 August, 11pm

To celebrate our 50th chapter anniversary, we have added bonus segments to the Q&A session! Chapter 51 will be released earlier in the form of a live reading by Cookie and readers get to request for Lunarlark to read any one chapter. XD Other talented volare staff and readers will also be joining in with their performances.

This is the program outline:

1. Live reading of Chapter 51 by Cookie

2. Live reading by Lunarlark (Readers can request any one chapt...

by Rakumon

Heyo everyone! As mentioned in the title, the Q&A session is finally here! This is where you will get to ask all the (burning) questions you have and let us address any concerns you have. :)

There will be two parts to it:

- You get to submit questions beforehand using this Google Forms Link

- Live Q&A session on 3 August 2019, UTC 2am

Questions will be answered during this time and you can always submit questions in CTF's Discord Channel!

**Answers will always be provided with spoiler tags, just in case it may unknowingly be a spoiler.**

Here are some basic rules for the Q&A session:

1. Please show respect to everyone. 

2. We would like to ask that our privacy be respected. Please refrain from asking questions that concern personal information. 

3. Do not spoil the novel for others. 

4. Questions asking for spoilers/future events are allowed, but the extent of information provided will be up to our discretion. 

5. We will try to answer as many questions as possible, but not all may be ...

by Rakumon

Hey everyone!

I have noticed that some of you feel that the pace of the novel is quite slow at the start, but don't worry, most of your questions should be answered by Chapter 100! :) Keep in mind that there are 770 chapters for this novel so 100 chapters make up just one part of it. There are some subtle clues so you will have to look out for it.

As some of you may know, I will be going overseas soon, and thus will be less responsive. In the meantime, please do continue reading the novel! When I'm back, I will be carrying out a Q&A session for those of you who have burning questions hehe XD I still haven't worked out the details but it will likely be on Discord. I will provide more information when I get back.

If any of you are interested in pictures from my trip, feel free to follow my Twitter or Instagram account! I may drop a few photos here and there in CTF's Discord channel too ;) (Please pardon my photography skills though ><)

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