Hi, so as you all might have noticed, the chapter releases have become quite irregular for the past two weeks. And if you have read the latest issue of Grace Time (if you haven't please go check it out, then come back), you would know that I am currently juggling ACA’s translations on top of a full-time hours, part-time wages job. Currently, things have been busy at my new workplace, and I have had to work overtime quite a few times. That has left me with very little time and energy to work on the translation and release them daily. 

So, after some thinking and discussing, I have decided to take a break in June. It pains me to have to suspend releases for a while and leave all of you hanging. But I believe this would help me to come back stronger and provide better translations for you all. Releases will continue until the end of May and in June, I will still be working on the translations, just without the pressure of releasing daily. 

TLDR: Life got pretty rough, so I’m going on a break in June. ACA will resume...

by iris.knight