Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator Chapter 171

We have a message from TMR's author!!

Since we're connected to the original publisher for Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator, 17k, I requested for some words from the author for us!

Original message from Snow Mountain Mists:

English translation by me:

After reading a novel, she suddenly woke up in the body of the evil woman of the story, and her originally loyal and kind husband in the story was actually reincarnated. How will the quick-witted Chu Lian move away from the label of 'wicked woman'? How will she overcome her husband's terrible impression of the original 'Chu Lian'? When faced with struggles and turmoil, how will she resolve them? Can two people from vastly different worlds with different experiences in life get together and have a happy life? I hope that everyone likes this novel, and I hope that the male and female leads of this story can bring all of you some light-hearted humour and laughter in your busy lives.
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Translated by: timebun

Edited by: renderedreversed