Sundering Nature is Out!

Hello everyone,

This is Grenn, the main translator of Bone Painting Coroner. I'm going to work once again with Zhao on Sundering Nature (SN), a gem that doesn't span over trillions of chapters, but every chapter is worth reading. The author, Teacher Clear River, has a gift to weave fantasy in a story set in modern day and turns it into an action-packed journey of growth and introspection. Since Zhao has many things to tell you as the main translator of SN, I'll just retreat to the side. Oh, and have fun reading the whole Book One of SN later!

* * *

My name is Zhao,(@undecidedpie on Discord) and some of you may remember me from working on Bone Painting Coroner chapters (which, by the way, is a wonderful novel you should totally check out, also available on volare!)

Shameless self-promotion aside, first of all, I’d like to thank you for giving Sundering Nature (SN) a chance!  Quickly, some details about the novel: 

  • No kick-ass in this novel. (No spoilers) [Grenn: It means no OP-ness from protagonist. Although, he does get his own luck and fortune, but nothing too out of proportions.]
  • Try to not be offended by some of the ideas presented. They do not represent our opinions, nor that of volare. 
  • Novel currently finished on Zongheng, totaling 336 chapters
  • I'll post extra (optional) researched information from time to time about what happens within the novel, tell me what you think of the initiative, and if there's anything more you want to know about!
With this, let us binge-read at 3 am for procrastination... I mean embark on a journey.  

* * *

Translators: Grenn & Zhao TLC: Grenn & Zhao Editors: LtBeefy, Qi & SaidTheRaven Proofreaders: Sjhacks & Krisaia

Prologue + Book One: Chapter 1 to 16