Celebrating 300 Glorious ROS Chapters

R.O.S. 300 CHAPTERS WOOT!! I can't believe this milestone is here already! 

What a tale of politics, strategy, and romance in ancient China! To think that we started around a year ago, and this novel was fast tracked after I discovered a heckuva plot hole in Phoenix Ascending. 

We're in for a lot of excitement and fun times for the next 300 chapters, and my own character cameo will be making an appearance after that!

To celebrate, I'm running a giveaway of various TW magnets and my INAUGURAL PIN! The TW magnets are bottlecap designs with famous Taiwanese small eats on them, and the pin is based off yours truly, designed by Yuuko.

PLUS: AMA on May 12, 10pm GMT+8~ which is May 12, 10am US EST! This will take place in the volare Discord. I'll kick things off with a chapter reading, and then we can just chat about novels, life, what have you!

To enter, please check out Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BxMHlnJn9oe/ or Twitter: https://twitter.com/etvofluff/status/1125701422069104641, whichever is your pick!

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