volare welcomes RoTH, PDG, and TNC!

It's the weekend and how better to kick it off than with a triple welcome to Reign of the Hunters, Paradise of the Demons and Gods, and The Nine Cauldrons!

*hauls out a fluffy sledgehammer* Jimminx has arrived with the first female MC VRMMORPG on volare! The sledgehammer is for engrossing me in yet another novel, one which I'm furiously plowing through the raws right now! RoTH is quite beautifully translated and there is actually quite an emotional undercurrent to this novel, making it a twist on the typical VRMMORPG and a nice fit for volare. :D

Yukidaruma is here with Paradise of the Demons and Gods. Yuki's truly brilliant translations makes it such a pleasure to read her work. A young man trades his kinship, love and friendship and lifespan in return for topnotch sword arts as he seeks revenge. Glowing reviews say that once folks start reading this author's novels, they find it hard to enjoy any others. Therefore, proceed at your own risk? :D

It's my pleasure to welcome GT and her team with The Nine Cauldrons. Kidyeon was just remarking to me how everything has come full circle. TNC and SOTR actually started off on Wuxiatranslations (you are an original reader if you remember that site!), and now we're reunited again on volare. :) If you're a wuxia fan, you'll likely recognize the author IEatTomatoes. TNC is one of IET's wondrous works, and there are 350+ chapters already translated!

Please join me in a warm welcome to the newest members of the volare family and show them our love!