Reign of the Hunters Chapter 201 Part 1 and Special Chapter Part 2

Hiya minna-san! Here's the Part 2 of our Special Chapter! And Part 1 of the regular Chapter 201

We're also doing a special event for our 200th Chapterversary!!!

Rules: Leave a comment in the comment section of this post and tell us why you enjoy reading Reign of the Hunters and what is the thing you love the most about this novel!

Rewards: -A bonus chapter when we get 25 responses -Best comment wins a special price (Does a 30-minute video call session with Jimmi sounds like a good idea to you?)

There is also a live reading event of the Special Chapter tonight on Volarenovel's discord server!!! The special chapter will be read in bogan accent!!! Live reading time: 10pm GMT+8 (17/5/2018)!!!

Translator: Kuu Boganifier: Emperor Dragon