Jimminx Reviews: Love Code at the End of the World

Hiya minna-san! We’ve recently had 2 new novels on Volare, and I’m sure that like me, you’ve seen the announcement post! 


I’ve breezed through the first 15 chapters of Love Code, and find myself liking it very much! It’s a very good novel, but I’ve noticed that it’s not receiving the love that it should have! I sincerely think that you guys should give the novel and its many chapters already released a chance! 


So this is what I’m going to do. I really want to share the wonderful time I had reading through the novel, so I’ll be writing a review of the first 10 chapters of LCEW starting tomorrow, chapter by chapter each day! Let us read through the chapters of this novel together! And when we’re done, I hope that you guys will fall in love with this novel, just like I did! 

Jimmi's Reviews: 

1. Chapter 1

2. Chapter 2

3. Chapter 3