Jimminx Reviews: Love Code at the End of the World (Chapter 3)

Let us continue with Chapter 3 of Love Code at the End of the World! 


Luo Bing has come to accept the grim reality of the new world around her. And two facts were made very clear: 


1. Women are valuable, and can be sold at high prices. BUT this does not mean that her captors will not harm their merchandise before selling them off, as witnessed by the MC. 


2. Men are worth next to nothing, but they are a reliable food source. 


As the cries of a female captive rang out in the cell, Luo Bing did not panic. She calmed herself down. After all, her dad was a special forces soldier, and she had received a lot of training from her old man. And one of her many training scenarios? How to escape if she was kidnapped! 


She must escape! And with the help of Lei She and Ah Xiang, escape might not be impossible. 


How will MC escape? And what lies ahead for her in this grimdark world? Well… I guess we’ll find out by reading the novel, and of course, the next chapter! I, for one, am already making good progress with the raws. Go, give LCEW a chance! Check it on volarenovels now!