Jimminx Reviews: Love Code at the End of the World (Chapter 2)

Our journey with the MC continues in Love Code at the End of the World! 


If you’ve been with me in Chapter 1, you’ll know by now that MC found herself in a new world, and in captivity. 


Indeed, as MC looked around her surroundings, she saw armed men with strange guns, as well as people trapped in cages. MC herself was placed in a cage along with two others. A man who was dressed like a warrior, and a handsome man in a silky white frock. 


There, MC witnessed the horrors of the new world around her! The women, according to her captives, were to be sold in the Black Market. While she was still not yet recognised as a woman due to her clothing, the MC who was mistaken as a man was not safe as well. Because,  the men…. THEY ARE TO BE EATEN! 


Trapped in a cage surrounded by strange men and strange guns, this is when our MC is introduced to the names of her comrades. They are Ah Xing and He Lei. Readers would also finally learn of MC’s name: Luo Bing.


This chapter really lives up to the name “end of the world”. The author masterfully painted a picture of grim darkness in my mind through this chapter, and gave me a better view of what is to come. MC was suddenly thrown into literal hell and may face possible death! Will she make it out alive and unscatched?   I guess we’ll find out in the next chapter! Stay tuned with me as I continue my review of the first 10 chapters of LOVE CODE AT THE END OF THE WORLD!