Jimminx Reviews: Love Code at the End of the World (Chapter 1)

Hiya minna-san! It’s now time for us to review the first chapter of LECW! I've read up to Chapter 70 since I posted the announcement last night, and I really like what I see! The setting of the story and where the plot is leading us... I LIKE! I really hope you all can give LECW a chance! It'll be great, I promise! (Source: I decided that Reign of the Hunters is a great novel, and it turned out to be one of the best! See? Credible as fuck!) 


So… Let us begin with... Chapter 1!!! 


The author wasted no time in introducing us to the MC of the story, a high school girl with loving parents who have high hopes for her. Her father, a former special forces soldier, wanted her to join the military while her mother wanted to see her becoming a renowned actress.


The family was praying at a shrine on Mt.Putuo for good luck in MCs exam, and just when the parents began yet another round of argument about the future of their daughter… The unexpected happened! An orb of light appeared out of nowhere, and MC found herself floating into the sky and… 


Thud! She landed in a strange new world! What will happen to MC? What sort of world has she ended up in? We’ll find out in the next chapter! 


“Wow! I need more of this!” is what went through my mind when I first finished the chapter. The setting of this novel, which is in a post-apocalyptic world, is something that deeply intrigued me. The author wasted no time in bringing us, the readers, into this world, but not before painting a bright picture of a hopeful future before throwing us into a grimdark world of despair, which is a sharp contrast to MC’s world.