Recruiting Editors for Prodigal Alliance Head

Chiyo has about 4-5 chapters a week and only 3 editors; one of them is still in training while the other is about to take a break to tackle the end of semester workload. And so, Chiyo needs at least two more editors! Chapters for PAH will resume as soon as Chiyo get enough editors, so if you’re interested in helping Chiyo out, please apply through the volare recruitment page and mention that you’d like to edit for Chiyomira.

Requirements for editors?

Pass etvo's test. (When I asked etvo, she said it was to access your English skills. From Prady, I heard etvo takes grammar quite seriously, so I guess, showcase your grammar and comprehension skills?)

Be dedicated and meticulous. (I'll usually only give you one or sometimes two chapters per week so please look through them with care)

Have a desire to always improve both yourself and the chapters. (So be open-minded towards ways you can improve, as well as ways the content of the chapter can be improved)

It's a bonus if you love PAH as well/have OCD towards misspellings and grammatical errors! :)

To those who took the test, thank you very much for offering to help! If you send me a screenshot of a reply from etvo to [email protected], I'll credit you in a future chapter~