Prodigal Alliance Head Chapter 75

Today's snack~

This isn't really related to the story much at all. I couldn't really think of a teaser though, so I'll just put this random chatter here.

I dislike bugs, kinda fear them, but mostly got over it. If a fly shows up, I'll trap it in a window then get it with a paper towel. A spider queen gives birth in the window next to me on Halloween? I calmly grab my phone, dust off any spider babies, and call my dad in. A seemingly dead cockroach is lying with its legs up on the ground? EEEEeeeek!!!! I NEED HELP!!! NOOOWWW!!!!

It's cause I haven't come across cockroaches much, thankfully, so didn't build up any immunity. Plus, there's that myth that cockroaches can survive even an apocalypse. And, they say cockroaches can live without a head for up to a week~~~ @[email protected]!!

Haha, in any case, here's the next chapter~

Chapter 75

Enjoy~ ----- TL: Chiyomira ED: snowgem