Prodigal Alliance Head Chapter 62

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First of all, Comrade Yang has joined team PAH as a translator!! He has a few words to say to fellow comrades:


Due to his busy schedule, he'll be translating about a hundred chapters ahead of current release in his free time.

Secondly... I'm so sorry for the long hiatus. One thing dragged on after another so I paused releases for longer than I expected. However, there's going to be a second hiatus after chapter 65 since I can't access google, my main medium of operations, during my stay in China. I should start resuming releases after Aug 10.

At that time, release schedule will be sped up as much as possible until I catch up with all the chapters that should have been released. Sorry for the wait, thanks for being so patient!

Chapter 62

Enjoy~ ----- TL: Comrade Yang TLC: Chiyomira ED: LazyMiyu