Prodigal Alliance Head Chapter 58

Today's snack~

I'm getting hungry from translating this chapter... Even though it hasn't even gotten to food yet, lol.

Chapter 58

BTW, If you are not already aware, Chiyo actually has a website called Yumeabyss. It's where Chiyo posts weekly bulk updates of translated chapters along with updates of whether some tl will be late or something... Xp

In any case, there is a page called translation projects which contains all the projects Chiyo currently translates as well as release schedules and teaser-like descriptions, and--getting to the main point--Chiyo has finally come up with the description for PAH!!

It is...*cue drumroll*: Child: Mommy! There's a celestial jiejie heading this way!! Mother: No way, celestials don't exi-... Could it really be a celestial? Tang Doudou(our heroine): Where's the toilet!? Mother: ?? Tang Doudou: Ahem, pardon me. May I ask where the latrine is? Mother: Oh, it's this way sir. Child: Uses the latrine. Not a celestial... :(

Enjoy~ :3 ----- TL: Chiyomira ED: snowgem