Prodigal Alliance Head Chapter 33

So logical, Coolkat. I agree too, Anna. I feel like Baili Yu's probably the male lead, especially with what happens later, lol. I didn't expect someone to throw out Tang Doudou, kudos Moe_Ronn. But seeing Jack's comment prompted a snort from me, so this bonus chapter goes to Jack~

The Main Male Lead is JACK mwahahahahaha! . ▀█▀─█▄█─█▀█─█▄─█─█▄▀──█▄█─█▀█─█─█ ─█──█▀█─█▀█─█─▀█─█▀▄───█──█▄█─█▄█ ───── Foя тнє cнαpтєя ────────── from Jack

As Tang Doudou peeled off her drenched clothes layer by layer, little did she know that she was not alone. Baili Yu watched as her pure and a little round ?? were gradually exposed... "Aaaah!" A shriek rang out. What exactly happened?

Chapter 33

This is a pretty good bonus chapter, enjoy~ XD ----- TL: Chiyomira ED: LazyMiyu PR: Ocelot