Prodigal Alliance Head Chapter 178 Part 1

I've decided on the Feburary event! Read below for details~ Chapter 178.1

Enjoy~ ----- TL: Chiyomira ED: ed.L

----- This is probably the last event I will do until the summer so it’s going to be free-for-all poetry event! I’ll give out half a chapter for every poem submission! The topic can be on anything you like, but what I really really would find funny would be some dialogue in poem form from one character to another, like Su Yi to Baili Yu or Jun Xin trying to write a love poem to Tang Doudou. But really, it’s up to you! Feel free to write about anything you like in any poetry form you like!

The event ends Feb 20th. Submit your poems in an email to [email protected] with the subject title ‘Poetry Event’ and make sure to leave a name I can credit!