Prodigal Alliance Head Chapter 126 Part 1

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Anyways, enjoy the chapter! And the Thanksgiving event is officially starting! Chiyo's waiting for your submissions!! More info down below~

Chapter 126.1

What to submit: (all 3 is required!!)

  1. Photo or Artwork. Theme = something pretty (please don’t pull something off the internet)
  2. Blurb giving thanks to someone or something you are grateful for this holiday (please put quotes " " around your blurb!)
  3. Name (please put arrows < > around the name you want!)
How to submit:
  1. Email the above to [email protected], subject line: Thanksgiving submission
Why participate?
  1. First 12 people get half a chapter dedicated to them, get to show off their submissions, get the gratitude of all the other readers, get my <3<3<3 for participating in my little event
  2. Winner gets early access to chapters of PAH~
When do submissions open?
  1. Nov 16th
When do submissions close?
  1. Nov 23rd
What happens if I submit early or don't have all of the required parts?
  1. If you submit early, I'll ask you to submit once the event starts. If you don't, I'll simply hold on to the submission and if there are bonus chps left by the end of the event, I'll still dedicate a bonus part to your submission.
  2. If you don't submit all the required parts, I'll let you know. If I don't eventually get the required parts, I'll give an honorary mention to your submission but it won't be placed on the voting post, nor will a bonus chapter part be dedicated to it.
What exactly happens with the submissions?
  1. The submissions will be put on the chapter post, full-size, then put on the chapter page at the bottom, in a smaller size
  2. When the submission period ends, the submissions will also be placed on a post to be voted on. This time, the thank you blurb will also be put up on the voting post along with whatever image is submitted.
When will bonus chapters parts be posted?

Bonus chapters parts will be posted after the regular release on Thanksgiving day.

Why 1/2 of a chapter?

  1. I’m considering the difficulty. The requirements for this event is slightly harder than the last one.
  2. Different amounts will be given out based on the difficulty of events.
----- TL: Chiyomira ED: Dray