Prodigal Alliance Head Chapter 112 Part 4

This is the start of regular releases, so over the next four days, each day 4 parts (one hour apart) will be released to make up a full chapter. Ex. Monday: Chapter 112 Part 4 (12:00) Chapter 113 Part 1 (13:00) Chapter 113 Part 2 (14:00) Chapter 113 Part 3 (15:00)

Chapter 112.4

P.S. I'm the type to learn by trial and error, aka I do stupid things before finally accepting that they were stupid. Posting in fourths for multiple chapters is too crazy. Next time I do an event which splits chps into fourths, I won't post regular releases in fourths. It took 2 full hours...

Enjoy~ ----- TL: Chiyomira ED: Dray