Prodigal Alliance Head Chapter 109 Part 1

Hey guys and girls~ I’ve recently put my side series on hiatus so that I could focus on this series more. Hence, starting this week, I’ll be returning to 4 chps a week for at least the next couple months. (unless I get hit by lightning or blindsided by projects, the rate will only go up and not down) Since I’m focusing solely on this series now, that means I can actually plan some events and translate extra chapters to give out as bonus chapters!

Also, there is a Prodigal Alliance Head discord channel on volarenovels now! Dray already has snacks and boba tea ready! Come check it out!

So~ since Halloween is coming up, I wanted to do a little Halloween event!

Simply take a photo of something related to Halloween and submit it along with a short blurb. The blurb can be anything: description of photo, random comment, shoutout, etc.

For the first 24, each submission will get ¼ of a chapter posted. Further submissions will still be accepted but there won’t be a bonus chapter part dedicated to the submission. There will be a vote on the submissions and the winner gets 3 weeks of access to the editing file~ (meaning you get to see chps as soon as they’re translated!)

Read below for further details~

Chapter 109.1 ----- TL: Chiyomira ED: Dray

What to submit:

  1. Photo w/ Halloween theme (please don’t pull something off the internet)
  2. Blurb (please put quotes around your blurb! anything as long as it’s appropriate and not gibberish)
  3. Name or descriptive tag (please put quotes around the name you want! btw, a name and/or tag is optional)
How to submit:
  1. Email the above to [email protected], subject line: Halloween submission
Why participate?
  1. First 24 people get chapter parts dedicated to them, get to show off their submissions, get the gratitude of all the other readers, get my <3<3<3 for participating in my little event
  2. Winner gets early access to chapters of PAH~
When do submissions close?
  1. Nov 1st
What exactly happens with the submissions?
  1. The submissions will be put on the chapter post, full-size, then put on the chapter page at the bottom, in a smaller size
  2. When the submission period ends, the submissions will also be placed on a post to be voted on.
When will bonus chapters parts be posted?

Bonus chapters parts will be posted the day after regular chps, so the first starts Fri 10/20 and stops on Sun, following Mon-Thurs are regular chps, then bonus chps are put out again the following Fri.

Why ¼ of a chapter?

  1. I’m considering the difficulty. Taking photos and coming up w/ a short blurb seems pretty simple~
  2. Different amounts will be given out based on the difficulty of events. For artwork events I’m planning on giving out ½ to a whole chp~
What happens when you owe ¼ or ¾ of a chapter?
  1. Why, of course it’s rounded! ¼ = 0 and ¾ = 1!
  2. Jk, I’ll give out the rest of the chapter somehow.