Happy Valentine's Day with Poisoning the World and welcome to Prodigal Alliance Head & Your Highness!

It's Valentine's Day, so that means... fluffy hearts everywhere!! :D :D :D

For those of you lucky enough to catch our great server Vday rampage, we should be 100% back! (With the exception of quotes and apostrophes, will be fixed later today!) Note to self, find the server a girlfriend in the future.

Therefore, some special Vday announcements! Poisoning the World is having a wunnerful Valentine's Day event, come play for some extra chapters!

The game goes:

Treasure Hunting Quiz game. So, how does it work?

It's very simple to understand, you will hunt for the answer of the quiz questions through various websites on the internet from the clues we give you.

When you have the right answer, you will post the answer with the question number as a comment in the post where the questions are.

What do you mean by cooperative game? It means that you have to help each other since the first person to give the right answer in the comments of this post will unlock the bonus chapter for everyone to read. Isn't that a good thing? Even if you give 10 answers, but only got 1 answer right and you are the first one to get that answer right answer, you will unlock one bonus chapter for everyone. That means you guys can give one answer or two, no need to reply to all of them. The number of questions is equal to the number of bonus chapters.

When will you unlock the bonus chapter? Since I'm not glued to the website, I'll post it as soon as I see the right answer. It won't take days before I unlock a chapter, just a few hours delay at most.

When will the game end? You have until february 15th at midnight GMT-6 to get all the answers right. :smiley:

Come here for the list of questions!

Some other novels are also having mass release events, such as Poison Genius Consort, Hidden Marriage, and Special Forces Spirit. Cultivation Chat Group is having an enormous catch up event as well! Come get your fill of chapters~

volare is also announcing on this sweet, sweet day, the arrival of Prodigal Alliance Head (and Cook) translated by Chiyomira! Very tongue in cheek humor about someone who, instead of being one of those alrighty sect elders... get shoved into the role of a cook. It's adorable, and Chiyo is a wonderful translator. :D

I happened to be lurking on Chiyo's site one day, marveling at her beautiful translations, when I reached out a piece of fluff to see if I could snag her... and ten thousand puppy eyed looks later, she comes to us with an adorable novel!

Other people’s Alliance Heads are unrivaled in the lands, with an incomparable domineering air. With a shake of their arm they could cause a thousand waves to rippled throughout Jianghu.

Tang Doudou practically wants to flip the table!

Cook, warm the bed, warm the bed, cook…… She’s completely been caught up in a goddamned cycle!

After she finishes she still has to ask a phrase of husband-sama are you pleased?

Uncle could endure but Auntie can’t endure!

“Wife has worked hard. A moment in the spring night is worth a thousand pounds of gold, when we get home Husband will give you a massage!” This demonically charming black-bellied man’s phoenix eyes flashed, smiling with a completely harmless expression.

Tang Doudou looked to the sky speechless…

Chiyo is coming to volare with a schedule of four chapters a week, with 11 chapters already out and double releases for the rest of the week. Please show her your love!

Onnn this momentous day, since love is in the air, volare is delighted to bring to you another fluffy novel of Your Highness, I Know My Wrongs by the talented Grace from her blog "Grow with Me". However, this one is different in that it is~ completed! Huzzah for the third completed novel on volare!

I am incredibly honored to have finally lured Grace over to the dark side. She is another one of the translators whom I've been chatting for a very long time for, and my fluffy wiles finally worked? :D Oh what a sweet Valentine's Day, to have both Chiyo and Grace join volare!

Modern Lin Shan somehow ended up in Ancient China. When she arrived, she had to disguise herself as a man due to some superstition reasons at the time. Lin Shan was ordered by the Emperor to marry his daughter, Du Ming Yue.
How can she get away with this? Read to find out!!
P.S. Lin Shan is very mischievous, perverted, and strong willed. If you enjoy comedy and romance, this is the story for you!!
Those of you who followed the novel on Grace's blog will be familiar with the novel, but this version has the first ten chapters completely translated by Grace as well. Come one and come all and feast your eyes! Sadly, the database decided to go on a rampage halfway through her uploads last night, so it's currently half uploaded. Grace will be back to finish the upload, so get a head start while you can? :D

Grace will be starting up with another novel next month after the books are closed on Your Highness, so watch out for an announcement then!

Another shout out for a strong lady novel on this Valentine's Day goes to "A Practical Guide to Evil" written by erraticerrata!

A Practical Guide to Evil is the tale of Catherine Foundling, an orphaned young lady introduced to the power of Evil by the powerful and enigmatic Black Knight Amadeus.
This is an original novel high up on rankings, let's hear it for our English writers and show them some support!

And that *is all* for this year's Vday post. Let's hope next year is less eventful. XD