Where in the World is PGC and UPX?

Hi guys! So there's been radio silence for the past few days (at least on the volare site) for PGC and UPX updates. So where did they go, and what the heck's the translator's doing?!


Long story short, both Khuja and I aren't feeling the best right now. Khu got a sudden case of bronchitis (on Christmas, of all days) and I've been plagued with headaches and nausea after making work deadlines, so staring at screens for long periods of time only makes me want to throw up. @[email protected];;;

BUT! All that aside, it's the holiday season so there's lots of time to rest and recover. I'll definitely get you your PGC and UPX chapters up, no fear for that.

Take care of yourself during the holiday season (especially you folks living in colder climes like me) and cozy up! We'll be joining Han Yunxi and Ning Xiaoyao on their adventures again very soon.

With love,