UPX and PGC Returns! (Whew)

*pokes head out of snow*

Hello! It's been weeks since we've met, huh? Needless to say, I've grown anxious from the lack of releases too. All that aside, with Chinese New Year here and work commitments somewhat behind me (as well as the ever-constant distraction of mobages), I'm ready to dive back into translation again.

First things first, we'll have a double release of UPX and PGC in honor of the 2/4 trivia questions that everyone answered correctly! They'll be an explanation of the answers too when the chapter releases.

In other news, PGC's drama adaptation, Legend of Yun Xi, looks set for an as-unspecified release in 2018! Here we have stills posted online, some from the lead actress Ju Jingyi's own weibo:

Will the winter season greet us with Yunxi's wedding to the Duke of Qin?

Despite the creative liberties taken with the series for the adaptation, I'm still looking forward to the visuals. And I can't wait to see what kind of music/OP/ED songs we'll get for the series! PGC readers, what do you think?

Here's a more candid shot from JJY's weibo. As mentioned in the novel, the Han Clan didn't skimp on her carriage (even if they did skimp everywhere else)!

In fact, 2018 is shaping up to be a wonderful year for adaptations, from live-actions series to animated works. One thing I've noticed is that the romance stories get the flesh-and-blood actors while the xianxia and action-heavy ones lean towards digitalized actors. Who knows, maybe we'll get a UPX adaptation somewhere down the road?

In any case, I've missed you all and I look forward to coming back with a vengeance. Thank you all for your patience and understanding during my unexpected hiatus.

Now if you need to vent some steam, come onto volare Discord and beat me up! I'll treat it as good New Year's motivation.