Updates for PGC + UPX

There was a big storm around my parts yesterday, I heard we even had a tornado!

Yo yo! So heads up for everyone, we're moving into sporadic updates territory as I get down to work for the rest of May. Why? Well, because I'm going on vacation. B^)

Not yet, of course, but I'm going to be away from you all a bit from end of May to almost mid-June. Of course, that means I have to get all my work done before I leave...which also means weird, random update times for my hobby translating PGC and UPX on the side since, yanno, the boss comes first at mah job.

So all in all readers, hang in there! Don't stay up late for chapters, go get your beauty rest! Once I'm done with the whirlwind of life and play, we'll go back to our regularly scheduled releases. (I'm eyeing late June for that yo~)

In terms of leisurely reads, you guys can always bother my good ol' junior bro Guan Zhong and his new project Song of ExileSomeone has to kick him into gear when senior sis isn't around. uwu

TL;DR: I gots stuff to do but I'll update PGC and UPX as soon as I can get to them. Which is...not at the moment. 0 u 0;;

When in doubt, a classic beauty trap is always good to distract your readers. uwu Er---you didn't hear me say that, tho!