TRANSLATOR IN TROUBLE (kinda but not really)!!

EXTRA EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!Miffed translator vows to slay all emotions and "slaughter through PGC raws" for the sake of the readerbase!

Hey peeps, Ruyi here!

Our owed PGC chapters has risen to 10! We have one sponsored chapter waiting in the wings! I'm currently working through my anger issues for Han Yunxi and Long Feiye, because goodness these recent releases have tested my patience. Hang in there though, because all's owed will be released in time. >:0 Consider this an update post while I ready my fingers (and my calm-down-tea, haha).

In other news, the PGC Xmas Bonus Chapters Quiz will be going live next week. Readers can earn up to 25 bonus chapters depending on how many correct answers the majority guesses. There will also be a few default bonus chapters for Xmas regardless of right/wrong answers (though the number will be paltry compared to the quiz, haha).

In case you need a refresher, you can check out the post regarding out last bonus chapter quiz + the eventual answer key for reference. PGC readers got a B average last time. Will they manage to ace with an A for Christmas?

Anyways all that aside I'm still fine doing daily releases of Heroic Wife Reborn so feel free to check that out or throw tomatoes at me over there, haha. Love you all~ <3