Status Updates on PGC and UPX

Good morning. It's me, Ruyi, your local and very much Missing In Action translator for Poison Genius Consort and Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao. As you've noticed, I've been whack with update times in the recent season! I will cite work and lack of motivation as factors, but as things stand this cannot continue. Please accept my apology for the delays in translations. :-0

Next up: affirmative action!

In order to keep translations going, Grace (translator of Supernatural Girlfriend and author of volare's Grace Time corner) will be taking up translations of Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao from Chapter 270 onwards! She is currently reading up and familiarizing herself with the series as we speak. I will also be in touch with her during the translation process so we can smooth out issues with terms and consistency. Please give her a warm welcome and your support!

I will also be picking up translations of Poison Genius Consort again. Fortunately, December in the United States means that companies can only push you so far before the winter holidays hit. There should be more time to catch up with releases then. In addition, having UPX off my back will free me up to focus completely on PGC as I did in the past. That should help with release speeds for everyone involved.

Within this week, I will release both chapter 269 of UPX and chapter 639 of PGC. You have my full permission to ping me on the volare Discord servers if I don't follow through my word! Quite frankly, it's embarrassing I've let things slip here after a consistent record, but I do ask for your understanding while I get back on my feet again. This time I'll work out a better schedule to balance work, translation, and the rest of my real life affairs/hobbies/obsessions.

All the best, and happy webnovel reading! Stay tuned for further updates. :)