Poison Genius Consort Chapters 1-5

Ruyi: Hey there! As Falling Dreams of Fang Hua winds down (ironically, while all the drama's revving up), I've decided to launch Poison Genius Consort as my next translated series. After skimming through about 30+ different novel raws, this was the one that held my attention and made me stop to read it. On the surface, the plot feels familiar: transmigrated genius replaces useless-young-miss to shock her counterparts in the past. We have the requisite Cold Male Lead, Jealous Young Misses, palace politics, jianghu encounters, and poisons. But like many well-loved story tropes, it isn't what you write but how you write it, and Poison Genius Consort delivers in terms of characters, plot, and pacing. This is the kind of story I've always wanted to see--or even write myself.

Fortunately, all I have to do is translate what's already there. :)


Khuja: This a very fun series, I really enjoy editing it. The main character is a strong, intelligent, witty female. She doesn't back down, and turns the tables around on her enemies. She's gorgeous, she is way more than just another pretty face. Poison her? Think again, you will wind up poisoned instead! Plot against her? She will unravel your web of intrigue. Cow her? She will walk alone with her head held high and leave you with a face full of dust.  You will fall in love with our headstrong MC, look forward to her progress!


Readers, feel free to check out the summary here, or dive straight in with chapter 1.