Pick Your Own Adventure in PGC's World!

BEHOLD! The time of the cannon fodder has come!

Coming April 1st, 2020 (EST time) is Ruyi's parody visual novel project, Cannon Fodder's Counterattack Record!

Also known as the Poison Genius Consort Heretical Sword Sect Alternate Universe Visual Novel (PHAV), this demo game will allow players to take on the role of an unimportant cannon fodder in "Ancient Cloud" Continent's Heretical Deviant Sword Sect! Find allies and make friends in your ultimate quest to hunt down Sect Leader Hua (see Chapter 1068 for details), show Ye Feilong and Xi Yunhan their places, and stake your claim on the continent.

How successful will you fare in this story of loss, love, and revenge? Only your choices will tell.

Read the twitter thread here for more plot and character details. Bookmark this announcement post to see the game link go live with tomorrow's PGC chapter release!

When next we meet, it'll be in the jianghu!


LINK TO DOWNLOAD GAME (now live for both PC and Mac versions!)