PGC Theater: Valentine's Day

Hello to all readers of Poison Genius Consort! Now that we've finished introducing another male character, it's a good time to share with you a little skit that Jie Mo, the author of PGC, did for Valentine's Day in 2017.

The skit features Han Yunxi (our resident transmigrator and poisons expert), Long Feiye (the cold and mighty Duke of Qin), and new member of the cast Gu Qishao (a wealthy and mysterious teashop owner). Although the picture quality isn't the best, it should make for an amusing read. ;)

ProTip: A shortcut to saying "I love you" in Chinese if 521, because it sounds like wo ai ni, or 我爱你 (I love you).

Contact Name: Aifei (Beloved Consort)

Tuesday Afternoon, 2:14PM LFY: [voice clip: 520s]

HYX: Your Highness, what are you saying, I can't hear clearly.

LFY: [voice clip: 5s]

LFY: [voice clip: 20s]

HYX: I can't hear, there's no sound at all.

HYX: Is it something urgent? Send a text.

LFY: It's not, I'll tell you when I get back tonight.

HYX: Okay.

LFY: Sillyhead.

Contact Name: Poison Lass

Tuesday Afternoon, 2:14PM GQS: [sent funds to you: ¥55555555555.00]

HYX: [accepted funds: ¥5555555555.00]

GQS: [sent funds to you: ¥222222222222.00]

HYX: [accepted funds: ¥222222222222.00]

Tuesday Afternoon, 2:24PM HYX: Any more?

Tuesday Afternoon, 2:34PM HYX: Any more?

Tuesday Afternoon, 2:44PM HYX: Is there more or not? GQS: Poison lass, just wait a bit longer. Don't be anxious, be good. *kissy face*

Tuesday Afternoon, 2:54PM HYX: Gu Qishao, your lordship has been waiting for you for 40 minutes. If you can transfer me 12 zeroes' worth of funds today, I'll spare your life!

GQS: Tch...Long Feiye, you stole Poison lass's account again, shameless! GQS: 000000000000 (!)

[Gray Text: Your messages have been sent but rejected by the other party]

Titlebar: Transfer Funds to Friends Name: Poison Lass Transfer Amount: ¥000000000000.00 System Message: Error transferring funds [Confirm]