Poison Genius Consort's sequel delayed for release

TL;DR: We're getting a PGC sequel, but it's not out yet.
Hello guys! If you were reading Poison Genius Consort (天才小毒妃) back in April, you might've been around volare Discord, where I posted this screenshot of author Jie Mo's message on the novel raws site at Xiang5:

Long story short, the author stated that the sequel for PGC would start releases on the first day of summer--aka June 21st.

Two months later and we have confirmed news of the PGC sequel directly via a post on Jie Mo's weibo accountHowever--it's been delayed for publication. The author, Jie Mo, wanted more time to refine and edit the text so she could give her readers "the very best."

Here is a link to the original apology (posted on June 10th, 2017), while my rough translation of her original message is below. PLEASE NOTE: SPOILERS EXIST FOR ENDING OF PGC, which I've hidden in the expand tags for your convenience.


Before I turned on the computer, I took a deep breath.

Husband Mo asked me what was the matter, and I said...that I was going to do something bad.

Before I do that bad thing, let me sincerely apologize to everyone. I'm sorry, I've disappointed you all.

(Image text: Your Majesty, spare me)

On April Fool's I wrote that Poison Genius Consort would start releases on the summer solstice. I wasn't joking, but serious.

A few days ago, Mo [Jie Mo's way of referring to herself] nervously posted a message as well to start the countdown with everyone.

Unfortunately, there's no way for little poison consort's part two to meet with everyone. It can only be delayed... (I really tripped over myself for April Fool's, I'll never make announcements on April Fool's Day again!)

Actually, though Mo hadn't given any spoilers, I'd already written a notice and was preparing for activities ahead of time. I'd also discussed everything with my editor.

✔️The other has already received your sent document, "Advance Notice, Monologue.docx" (14.38KB)

-Not bad! -Can be used as a special discussion to generate interest

-The new story only publishes on the 21st. Discussion can be posted a week ahead of time to generate interest

-Okay -I'll prepare the topic for tomorrow

But there were still parts in the introduction that Mo was unsatisfied with. These few days, I've been constantly editing my manuscript. I've been hesitant since last night, but ultimately decided to postpone the publication date so I have enough time to do major revisions.

A screenshot of various files the author prepared, including an overall outline, new introduction for the sequel, list of important characters and plot points for the new book, advance notice + monologue, and major characters.

Mo hopes for everyone to see the very best of the created characters. (spoiler alert) [expand]Little Yan'er, Nanchen, Tang Tang, Jin Ling, Little Yu'er, Little Qi, Long Feiye & Han Yunxi, Beiyue, etc.,[/expand] as well as a few new characters.

I hope that everyone can read the best story, such as how (spoiler alert) [expand] Yan'er and Rui'er get their revenge, Feiye and Yunxi escape from the ice, the secret origins of Gu Nanchen and little Yu'er, the finale to Gu Beiyue and Qin Min's story, exciting scenes from the Mysterious Continent, etc.[/expand]

But Mo herself wasn't satisfied with the content, so there was no way to release it.

I'd rather you all be disappointed in Mo than the sequel to Poison Genius Consort, or be let down by a character you love.

As to how long the delay will be and when chapters will be released, it's currently uncertain. Once I've adjusted everything, Mo will tell everyone.

Every Sunday, Mo will push out 1,000 words' worth of side stories as a way to make it up to everyone.

All right, next is your turn to complain to me.

You can say whatever you like, it's all right!

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