PGC Second Drama Adaptation Announced!

Big news for PGC fans! Remember back in 2018 when we got the drama adaptation Legend of Yunxi for Poison Genius Consort?

Now a second adaptation is in the works! This latest tweet from @dramapotatoe states that #惹不起的韩芸汐 re bu qi de hanyunxi (literally translated as Han Yunxi, the One You Can't Afford to Offend, or Untouchable Han Yunxi) has begun casting calls and will start filming as early as July 2022. 

What does this mean for us? Well for one thing, I'll be watching the hashtag like a hawk and likely translating any clips or news about the drama on my YouTube channel. You'll also get news about the cast and whatnot here on volare too, because it's novel related after all~

But on the translation front, this has motivated me enough to kick my butt into gear and resume daily releases for PGC in May! I can't promise two chapters a day, but you'll get your daily release as we count down the weeks to well, more drama news. So look forward to it!

Separate promo art pics:

Drama summary in Chinese

Translation of summary:

Categories: Ancient costume drama, sweet/doting romance, comedy
Episodes: 24
Filming Begins: July
Filming Location: Hengdian
Filming Time: 70 days


Han Yunxi - "Poison lass" - Eldest daughter of the Han Clan and Long Feiye's decreed wife, but actually the orphan of West Qin Dynasty and the eldest daughter of the Poison Sect. A high-level detox expert who is beautiful, kind, and icily intelligent, with a meticulous heart. Neither haughty nor humble, even those of higher rank dare not offend her. She is cold, clear, and logical towards her enemies and can produce miraculous victories under dangerous pressure and situations. As a doctor, she is virtuous and saves lives, but has no mercy towards the wicked. She is not some holy saint white lotus. She is proud and wild when it causes for it, and calm and withdrawn when needed. In times of dangerous, she thinks things through and has a quick mind, being able to stand tall or bow and submit. She dares to love and dares to hate, dares to act and dares to take responsibility. Dashingly cutting through obstacles in her professional life, she is a black-bellied, shrewd, and ruthless woman. But when it comes her love Long Feiye, she is innocent and occasionally love-addled.

Long Feiye  - Xuanyuan Ye - On the surface, he is the second highest-ranked leader of Tianning, but in actuality the East Qin Dynasty orphan. Skilled in martial arts, he is handsome, lofty, cold, domineering, mysterious, stern, and noble. No one can compare to his kingly aura. He has mysophobia and never looks or touches women and is at odds with the West Qin Dynasty. His only weakness: he doesn't know poison arts. A man who can seemingly do anything, a leader who is extremely noble and godlike, a lonely man full of untouchable mystery. He shoulders a heavy fate and endless responsibilities, the long-cherished wish of generations. Ordinary people cannot hope to imagine the pain he endures. Though originally cruel and heartless with no attachments, he can understand Han Yunxi's charms and loveliness. With Han Yunxi, he learned how to cherish others, be considerate, protect, and love deeply. He is Han Yunxi's most reliable, most powerful source of support as well as her cutest jealous vinegar jar. He is the proudest yet most peevish lover. This cold iceberg only gives Han Yunxi his open smiles and again and again, breaks his rules, yields, and makes allowances for her.

They've got others too, most notably: Mu Linger, Gu Qishao, Gu Beiyue, and the cockroach Duanmu Yao! I have hopes they'll cover most of the storyline here since they revealed that name ahead of time ahhh!

See you guys again when I have more news! Praying for them to cast handsome leads, lol. Our Duke of Qin deserves it~

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