PGC Drama News #2 - Potential Female Leads

Hello readers! I've been trawling the Internet for news of 惹不起的韩芸汐 re bu qi de han yunxi, PGC's second drama adpatation in four years. As casting calls begin July, there hasn't been any news yet, but rumors abound aplenty.

First is this article which claims that the production crew has already reached out to three potential actresses for the lead role of Han Yunxi:

1) Dilireba Dilmurat (The Blue Whisper, You Are My Glory)

2) Peng Xiaoran (Goodbye My Princess, Jun Jiu Ling)

3) Crystal Liu Yifei (A Dream of Splendor, Return of the Condor Heroes)

It would be pretty incredible if any of this was true and if any of the actresses accepted, as this would give the drama the potential to be a S-rank production with lots of budget and promotions. Well, fingers crossed for now. Rumors in c-net change at the drop of a hat, so I'm not placing any bets until we get photos and official announcements. But hey, if you had to pick from these three, which one would be your ideal Han Yunxi?