If PGC characters had WeChat...

The following takes place after the events in PGC Chapter 287.

Just as how English-speaking fans enjoy writing fanfiction of their favorite novels (*cough, I'm looking at you, DCF, cough*), Chinese fans have their share of creative pursuits too. Last time, I translated a bunch of parody screenshots of Poison Genius Consort characters chatting during Valentine's Day.

Today, we'll take a look at PGC characters if they (hypothetically) had WeChat[1. WeChat is a web messaging platform popular in China as well as other countries.] accounts. Disclaimer note: the following content was created by fans for fans, and was neither endorsed nor sponsored by the original author, Xiang5, or volarenovels. You can find the original source here.


Han Yunxi: Hmph! I just won't let you find me! [posts selfie]

Long Feiye: Han Yunxi, you'll have to shoulder the consequences! Gu Qishao: Poison lass is awesome, I'll take you out to eat something good~ Gu Beiyue: Wangfei take care! Luo Zuishan: This little lass! She sure knows how to make a fuss!

Gu Qishao: I wouldn't trade her for the entire Tianning Country treasury! [inserts pic of HYX]

Luo Zuishan: Have you gone mad? Long Feiye: Gu Qishao, do you believe me when I say I'll shut down all your businesses! Gu Beiyue: Take good care of wangfei! Chu Xifeng: We'll definitely find wangfei and bring her back!















Long Feiye: Han Yunxi, just where are you?

Long Tianmo: Want me to help? Gu Qishao: Quick, everyone run away. The Duke of Qin's angry, run away, run away fast! Chu Xifeng: May the Duke of Qin calm your anger, we will definitely find wangfei!















Gu Beiyue: Miss her miss her miss her


"Gu Beiyue's account is probably set so that he's the only one who can see it, right? What's with all those likes? Your thoughts and your real identity, Yunxi still doesn't know even now! Yunxi, are you going to look for your mother's past in the next storyline? Where do your feelings lie?

Gu Qishao, don't be so smug! Long Feiye isn't so easy to provoke!

Long Feiye's already gone crazy!

Do you think the situation's like this as well?"