PGC Chapter 82

Eighty-two, tu, revenge? The calvary comes charging in for our latest release, but it's Han Yunxi who takes the reins of command. A march to victory starts in chapter 82!

In other news, reader sithkazar was awesome enough to help us make a PGC Relationship Diagram! The current version contains spoilers up to chapter 81 and can be found on the PGC Glossary page. She'll be updating it as the story goes on, so feel free to check out all versions in the future! Happy reading. :D

You can also find bonus PGC tidbits if you hop over to the #poison-genius-consort channel on volare Discord, including updated translation status, random PGC outtakes (from fans of the raw), and news on the upcoming PGC drama adaptation (still in the works, but I'll translate what I get)! Or you could just come hang out and talk to cool peeps like your resident editor and translator. Huehuehue~

Editor: Khuja Translator: Ruyi