PGC Chapter 730 - Happy PGC Blitz Week!

Chapter 730! Here we are already on the final day of Long Feiye's training! Thank goodness for time-skips. Or maybe not, as our enemy gets a nasty idea...

More importantly, we've finally hit one of the mini big reveals (in an upcoming chapter) that I've been looking forward to since starting this series! Those of you who've read ahead know what I'm talking about, but those of you who don't can sit back and strap in because we'll be celebrating with PGC Blitz Week! That means double daily releases of PGC until next Sunday for maximum plot roller coaster fun.

'Cause you know, sometimes those cliffhangers kill. T ^ T As usual, everyone read up on how to manage user accounts on the upcoming volare site revamp before we move! Take care 'til then!

Ning Jing: Holy cow, moar chapters! Ning Jing: Oh! I see now, in chapter 7-- Tang Li: Oi, no peeking at the spoilers!

Today's announcement GIF features Wang Youshuo and SNH48's Lin Siyi in Legend of Yunxi!