PGC Chapter 725 - Is your Disqus password up to date?

Hey all, here's chapter 725! All that aside, do you know volare's launching its brand new site as early as this weekend? It's going to be shiny, sleek, and very, very purple--but most importantly, you'll need to reset your passwords to access comments there!

I'm still waiting for details, but for now make sure you know your Disqus account passwords and the emails associated with that account so you don't get lost in the tide! Here's to hoping for a smooth crossover into new realms. ; u ;

Happy reading as always! Gosh, we won't have announcement posts on the new site anymore, only end of chapter translator's comments! That should be interesting~

Until then, enjoy this song I've been listening on repeat from the 2015 kdrama Mask! (I'm watching it on and off.)