PGC Chapter 710 - Congrats to Ju Jingyi for Best Actress Award!

Hey all! First off, here's chapter 710, which finally takes us to Celestial Mountain! Or well, the first mountain leading to Celestial Mountain, lol.

In other news, actress Ju Jingyi recently nabbed the Best Actress award for the 1st ever China Canada Television Festival! Don't ask me what that is, I don't know either, lol. But she's got a funky dress!

She of course, played Han Yunxi in Legend of Yun Xi, and she'll also be starring in the 2019 remake of Legend of White Snake, which is literally a story about a white snake who takes on human form to fall in love with a scholar. No release date has been announced yet, but I'll be doing another first impressions post on the series on Dramapanda when it airs. In the meantime, enjoy the stills of our couple (the guy is played by Alan Yu Menglong, who also starred famously as Bai Zhen in Three Lives Three Worlds) annnnd the ultra pretty trailer.

Anyone going to watch this as well? They look like such a sweet and cute couple, aw~