PGC Chapter 71

From one match of wits to another, Yunxi's on fire as she burns through the opposition. Get ready for another round of words in chapter 71! Also, a special announcement:

Sponsored chapters are now online (donation button on sidebar)!

In other words, readers now have the option to donate a little, a lot, or none at all towards more chapters of PGC. Of course, you might be wondering how do sponsored chapters work? Will I get my PGC as soon as the sponsor bar is full?

Currently, PGC runs on a 5x a week schedule releasing chapters on Mondays, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. I plan to put sponsored chapters in the empty slots of Tuesday and Sunday to fill up a week. Sponsor names will be included in the chapter announcement posts (unless otherwise noted)!

If we somehow get enough donations to exceed the empty slots, then we'll release the extra chapters as soon as possible (hopefully within a week)! Your Editor and Translator have yet to reach God-Tier speeds for translation/editing, so we ask that you still treat us as humans with a hobby. ^-^;

All in all, whether you're a reader, (future) sponsor, or traveler passing by, look forward to more PGC in the future. As long as you enjoy the story, it's all good. Happy Reading!

Editor: Khuja Translator: Ruyi