PGC Chapter 684 - New Glossary in the Works!

Okay, here's the chapter 684 link before everything else! Also "Southern Ning" in chapters 682-683 has been changed to "South Ning" to reflect naming conventions in earlier chapters.

Now for the extra news! Does everyone still remember that ancient relic called the PGC Glossary that I haven't updated since December 2017? (If you haven't, come check out PGC's Table of Contents page once in a while, I've got all sorts of neat links there.)

Anyways, that thing's been old and outdated besides sithkazar's awesome relationship diagram, but I figured it's about time for a re-haul with so many plots, schemes, and infodumps all around. Thus, I've started on a PGC Glossary 2 to reflect the latest developments in our story arcs! Newbies can use the first glossary until they read past c380, haha.

I won't have time to work on this until later in the winter, but for now enjoy the nifty new GoogleDocs I've got set up! There's already a table on the Seven Noble Families and another on Medical City's doctor ranks, plus a really blurry world map for your viewing reference! I expect to add more interesting novel details as time goes on. It'll be a great refresher for peeps who need reminders for stuff, because goodness knows names and titles get lost between story arcs fast.

P.S. If you check out the teaser for Chapter 685 today, you'll see a little bonus surprise~