PGC Chapter 661 - Long Feiye as a doll!

Hey guys, here's chapter 661! With this we're also launching off the start of a brand new story arc in PGC, so hooray!

In other words, I finished putting together my LoongSoul ball-jointed doll yesterday and paired him with my girl, Long Feiye and Han Yunxi style. You can read the whole process by backtracking via the PGC channel on volare discord, but here's some lovely pics of the finished results:

HYX: Your Highness, what took you so long? LFY: Well, you know what they all say about making a work of art...

HYX: Are you kidding me right now!? You made me wait for six months!

LFY: ...... LFY: I tried...

HYX: You're in big trouble, mister!

HYX: Next time you're drinking my truth serum before you answer any more questions! LFY: That's not a poison, though? HYX: Anything can be poisonous if I try hard enough!!


Some final shots of the happy couple. I'm getting HYX doll a new head though, so expect her looks to change within a month or so lol~