PGC Chapter 643 - Birthday Bonus~

Coming in strong with chapter 643! Haha, the teaser for this one was cute, wasn't it?

One thing I like about PGC is how it consistently handles mini-arcs within the larger arcs. We just spent the last five or so chapters dealing with LFY and HYX's arrival at the Tang Clan, but all the stuff that happens links up to the bigger plot of the Long vs Ning/Di conflict. I'm glad the author doesn't resort to filler for these little asides.

Have we ever had a chapter in this story that was pure fluff without advancing the plot somehow....yeah, maybe back in the black market wrangling arcs, I think. I remember feeling a lull in my energy when translating those, and the whole GBY injury drama (maybe it's because I think the author went too hard to wring out pity tears from us there). But otherwise, this is a blessing. No throw-aside arcs, no pointless interactions, and considering that this whole thing is 1300+ chapters long that's saying something for our dear author.

Anyways, enough ranting from me, you should go read the chapter now if you haven't already. We're getting some rare, rare Long Feiye introspection! :)