PGC Chapter 640 - And so we continue

Here's chapter 640 hot off the press. Ahem...typos will be fixed later ehehe. >>

I think the trickiest part of going back to translating again is finding your flow all over again. You get used to digging out a chunk of your hour everyday for this project but when you slip up you have to go back and dig out that space again from scratch. That part's more painful, especially when you think back to the even deepening hole of 'owed releases' to your readerbase...oof. Guilt, my friends, guilt!

But after a while I realized all that emotional baggage wasn't getting anything done, so it's better to focus on the present and keep trying hard for the future! This is just a little rant from me to keep things on track, let's keep moving on, hm? You guys are the best, really. :D