PGC Chapter 639 - That's it, we're going ham

Oh my god, it's finally chapter 639...

"I thought I'd never see more PGC in 2018 again..." -Random PGC Reader

Been a while, hasn't it? But with my formal handover of UPX to Grace done (more on those deets here), we're now free to tie ourselves to this massive original with all the enthusiasm of a translator gone rampant on chocolate bars and comments. Mm, I can feel the burning glares of the restless readers even from the chilly abode of my December home...

A-anyways, I'm going to avoid the comment section out of shame for a week or so while I play catch-up, haha! Let's get this series back on the road again. Despite its imperfections and occasional bland syntax, I've missed it. As I've missed you.

Apologies in advance to my editor Khuja, we're starting up today with a straight translation fiesta!!

To ∞ chapters and beyooooonnnnnd!

See you next chapter!

<3 Ruyi (the Rueful, aish)