PGC Chapter 604 + novel news & gallery!

In which the Chu Clan gets they cut new paths of their own. Chapter 604!

P.S. In case you haven't heard, volare's got a new translator Sanguine debuting today with her novel, Lost Treasure! Just like you'd guess from the title, it's a story about hunts for old secrets and shinies. :D If you have a reddit account, c'mon and give the announcement post on reddit an upvote!

Additionally, previous volare project Phoenix Ascending has finished editing by its author to fix some old plot holes. Releases are starting up again, so feel free to check it out if you were a fan of the novel (and even if you haven't read it yet)!

Since I've rambled so long, here are some pics! First off, Legend of Yun Xi's hit 2.9 billion views! All of the drama episodes should be up on the raws site now, meaning that it's basically finished its run~

Marriage Certificate: 2.9 billion views

-Marriage was done by [the parties'] own will and verified in Tianning Country. Issue of this certificate is proof of that marriage. They have gained each other's hearts and will never part with each other until they grow old. They have to live together for a long time!

Certificate Holder: Han Yunxi | Gender: Female Certificate Holder: Long Feiye | Gender: Male Issuing Party: Legend of Yun Xi TV series

Dang it, when are we going to see the re-do of the wedding in the novel?! (And yes, it does happen...eventually.)

*bawling my eyes out at this scene for...reasons*

In other news, lemme sneak in some pics for Ju Jingyi's next project, New Legend of Madame White Snake. She and Alan Yu Menglong are literal eyecandy istg, ahhh~

So so pretty...I love rainy scenes...

This is totally header/wallpaper material.

T-this too, kyaa!