PGC Chapter 60

Hey guys and happy Monday! You may or may not have noticed, but we've been keeping to January's release schedule for our chapters. The reason? Khuja and I tried it out and decided it was viable to do 5x a week of PGC after all. So let's celebrate a bit with that. *throws confetti*

So far, PGC hasn't had a sponsored chapters option yet, but I'm planning to make that possible after Valentine's Day (2/14). As with all novels on volare, there's no obligation to donate anything and you'll still get your 5 releases a week; it's just an option for those who want PGC all day, everyday, and/or sooner.

Consider this your one week's heads up! I'll post another notice when the donation button goes live. Now let's go read up on Long Feiye and his snatching session in chapter 60.

Editor: Khuja Translator: Ruyi