PGC Chapter 583 - Surprise Double Release & More LOY View Milestones!

Yo guys! Here's chapter 583.

So it's getting to be the end of the month and I've had nearly double the views for PGC than ever (thank you drama adaptation). We're going to surpass 2 million views for July!

So anyways, to celebrate that little milestone, I'm releasing double chapters of PGC today and tomorrow. Enjoy the read. :D (And thank Khuja too, who's been busy catching up with edits in between her new job! I'll be fixing up a few chapters throughout the week.) Legend of Yun Xi recaps have been temporarily placed on a back burner while I work through these latest chapters. Seems like cliffhangers are plaguing me both here and in UPX! Whew. But as of late, the web drama itself has hit 2.2 billion views! :D

Here's Han Yunxi with all 2.2 billion sugar fans in her candy jar!