PGC Chapter 575 + LOY Pictogram Quiz Answers!

Hello hello! We're delving into court politics aplenty starting with chapter 575! And maybe some vinegar here and there for flavor. >u>

All that aside, here are the answers for the Legend of Yun Xi pictogram quiz in yesterday's chapter announcement. As it turned out, each of the doodles represented one character from the show. I'll list them out with explanations below:

For ease of organization, the answers have been listed by column from top to bottom like so.

Left Column Answers (click to expand):[expand]

  1. Bai Su - Gu Qishao's bodyguard in the dramaverse. Apparently this is her because the sword matches hers as well as process of elimination from the other character possibilities...ahaha.
  2. Han Yunxi - the doodle is of a cloud (“Yun" or 云) + a creek ("Xi" or 溪). Homonyms are going to play a big part in these answers, yah!
  3. Gu Qishao - the doodle is of a box...bag thing with the characters "big red robe" (sorry, not big red packet, I messed up in yesterday's comments!), which is written as "da hong pao(大红袍). Who wears red robes in the drama? That's right, our resident Qi gege.
  4. Ouyang Ning Jing - you might have remembered this scene in the LOY trailer, but Ning Jing does fight with a whip!
  5. Baili Mingxiang - 50km in Chinese is approximately equal to 100 li, an ancient form of measurement for distances. 100 in Chinese is read as "Bai" (百), so you add that to "Li" and get "Baili." Bingo.

Right Column Answers (click to expand):[expand]

  1. Tang Li - the doodle here is of a candy + pear, or "Tang" (糖) + "Li" (梨)
  2. Chu Qingge - this is actually a drawing of a bamboo shoot, which many people thought resembled CQG's hair!
  3. The Yunxi Tackle - (芸汐抱) or Yunxi Hug, or whatever you want to call it. Thanks to all her jump-hugs in the drama, HYX attacking LFY's become somewhat of a mini-meme status on the web in China.
  4. Long Feiye - this picture depicts a dragon in the middle of a shining sun. Long (龙), of course, is dragon in Chinese. Feiye (非夜) can actually be read as "not [the] night." What's the opposite of night? Daylight and a sun in your face. :)
  5. Yu Ze/Emperor Tianhui/Grand Concubine Yi (?) - there's a point of contention here. Some netizens say the doodle represents Yu Ze, the courtesan working in one of Tianning's pleasure houses under GQS's command. She's skilled in face-changing, thus the eye makeup tools! Others claim it's Emperor Tianhui since he's technically a major character. Still others say that the doodle reminds them of Grand Concubine Yi's eye makeup, so it has to be her! I'm leaning towards Yu Ze for this one myself~

So how'd you all do guessing? I was...alright, I guess. (5/10 LOL) But I can definitely do better next time! xD