PGC Chapter 574 + Legend of Yun Xi Landmarks & Quiz!

Political drama intensifies while our couple shares a quiet night alone. Chapter 574!

Meanwhile on the drama front, Legend of Yun Xi continues to celebrate those sweet, sweet views with another congratulatory banner! This time, we've broke through 1.7 billion views! <3

"Views Breakthough - Want to try a taste of the Qi Xi* milkshake?"

*Qi Xi - shorthand for the pairing between Gu Qishao and Han Yun Xi.

The weibo's also decided to have some fun by giving readers a pictogram quiz of reference doodles from the drama! I haven't watched far enough to get all the references yet, but what about you guys? >u> Go on, give it a try!

"I successfully drew 10 pictures that even the A.I. couldn't guess. You guys, hurry and try it out yourselves!" Note: The red text reads "Big Red Packet." No, not that red packet, but the logic's the same---free gifts of money or whatever!

P.S. We also have a "big red packet" for the 1.6 billion views landmark, which you can see below. ;)

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